Thursday, December 31, 2015

Susana and the Scot by Sabrina York

Susana and the Scot by Sabrina York

This is book 2 in the Untamed Highlanders series.

Having been banished from his home by his brother for a silly contest, Andrew Lochlannach is determined to do his duty and protect Dounreay Castle. Unfortunately, he finds a reason to get distracted in the form of one Susana, a feisty red-head. But he can't figure out why she is sabotaging his every efforts.

Susana can't believe that the man that broke her heart and that happens to be the father of her child is back in her life. And the worst part is that he doesn't even seem to remember that they had even met before. The the enemy threatens her daughter, Susana realizes that she needs Andrews help and reluctantly gives in. Unfortunately this puts her in a position of falling for him all over again.

Will Susana get her heart broken all aver again or will she finally get her HEA?

I really liked Andrew in Hannah and the Highlander and was surprised when I found out that York had paired him with Susana. But after reading their story, I'm so glad that she did. I LOVED it!! I always love a good second chances story and this one was top notch!

I'm always a fan of bantering between the H/H and with their history (even though Andrew didn't realize it) was very well written. Isobel (their daughter) was a riot!!! I was laughing out loud at her antics. I know this series is about the Dounreay sisters, but I really hope that York writes Hamish's story!! Loved his teasing of Andrew.

The next book in the series features Lana and Lachlan whom we met in Hannah and the Highlander. I can't wait to read it. It comes out in May of 2016.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Highlander Who Loved Me by Adrienne Basso

The Highlander Who Loved Me by Adrienne Basso

Sent by his father to learn more about the alliances that the Armstrong Chief favored, Sir James McKenna never imagine d that he would fall in love with the man's niece. having just decided to marry, James and Davina are set upon by a band of rogues. Having both been beaten very badly, they took awhile to heal. Unfortunately, when James goes to see Davina for the first time, she doesn't want anything to do with him and sends him away. Devastated that he was unable to protect the one he loved, James goes off and fights in the Crusades.

Having been sheltered by her family for five years, Davina finally accepts the invitation of James' mother for a visit. She is there for just a short time when James finally returns to his family. Can these two find the love that they thought was lost?

I liked this story. I've always enjoyed 2nd chances storyline, but this one was a bit different. You don't normally have such a traumatic experience separating the H/H. I also liked that James had to one over Davina again again the rivalry of his brother. That was definitely a twist to the story!

I look forward to seeing what Basso comes up with next!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Rock by Monica McCarty

The Rock by Monica McCarty

This is book 11 in the Highland Guard series.

Having grown up together, Thomas MacGowen is heartbroken when he learns that Lady Elizabeth Douglas doesn't share his feelings. His father, the blacksmith, warned him but you can't help you you fall for. Knowing that he wanted more for his life than to follow in his father's footsteps, he joins the Bruce's army to change his lot in life.

Several years later, Elizabeth is in need to Thomas's help. He wants to turn her down just to spite her, but knowing that an innocent child is at risk he does his duty. As Elizabeth is soon to marry a proper man, she is shocked to find herself so attracted to Thomas. She knows that the son of a blacksmith is not good enough for her, but her heart is telling her otherwise.

Can this unlikely duo find the happiness that both of their hearts are longing for?

I absolutely loved Thomas!! Elizabeth on the other hand...not so much. She did grow on me as we got to the second half of the book, but it was a little too late for me.  I kinda wish that Thomas had found someone else...

I did enjoy the storyline and of course I enjoyed seeing the other members of the Highland Guard again.  McCarty's next and last book in the series, the Ghost, comes out in May/June 2016. I think we have all been waiting to see what happened to Alex Seton when he left the Guards. I can't wait to read it!!

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Less Than a Lady by Eva Devon

Less Than a Lady by Eva Devon

Darcy Blake, Earl of Chase, has been tasked with uncovering a traitor. Nothing would be unusual about this except the king has determined that he must dress up as a woman!  Darcy must take acting lessons from Amelia Fox, one of the most popular actresses of the time and learn how to act like a woman on stage. He needs to get close to her to see if her and her brother are indeed traitors to the crown. What he doesn't count on is being so attracted to the woman in the middle of his assignment.

Amelia has made a point not to get involved with anyone during her years on the stage, but her attraction to Darcy just can't be denied. But what happens when she finds out the real reason he has been getting acting lessons? Was it all real or is Darcy a better actor than even Amelia believed?

I enjoyed this story. It is not often that you end up with a love story with two people of such different class that works. Even though Amelia was an actress, she did cam from a decent family so I think that made it that much more believable.

We also get the addition of the mystery of who was or wasn't a traitor. I always enjoy a romance that has an added mystery in the storyline.  I'm hoping that Devon makes this a series as there were a few characters in which I would like to learn more about!

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Taken by the Highlander by Julianne MacLean

Taken by the Highlander by Julianne MacLean

This is book 5 the the Highlander series.

When Mairi Campbell stumbles upon a wounded warrior of an enemy clan in the woods, she doesn't have it in her heart to leave him out in the elements. She gets him back to her home and nurses him back to health. Having sworn off men years ago, she is surprised to find herself wildly attracted to the man. But can she afford to get her heart broken again.

Logan MacDonald is on a secret mission. He didn't count on having it thwarted by his own brother. Having now recovered from his wounds he sets out to accomplish his goals. But what about the woman he has come to care for. If he follows his his previous path, what will happen to their love?

If you haven't read the previous book in the series, Return  of the Highlander, you need to read it first. It is the story of Logan's brother and these two stories are quite tied together.

I didn't think much of Logan after reading the previous story but he did grow on me with this one. Mairi had been treated poorly in the past and he was able to get past her defenses by going slowly with her and taking the time to get to know her and her family. He proved he wasn't as much of an @$$ as I previously had thought he was.

This was a very enjoyable read!

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne

The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne

This is book 1 in the Victorian Rebels series.

Dorian Blackwell, the Blackheart of Ben More, is not a man to be trifled with. Used to getting exactly what her wants, Dorian has decided that he wants Farah Leigh Mackenzie. Kidnapping and taking Farah to his castle, Dorian tells Farah that they are to be wed.

Farah agrees to the marriage, but only when Dorian lets her know that he will protect her from people that are trying to kill her and to restore her inheritance to her. But she soon finds herself having to fight the attraction she feels for her new husband.

Dorian is hiding things about his past that would affect Farah, what will she do when she learns the truth?

I absolutely adored this story!! The chemistry between  Farah and Dorian was red hot which is always a plus. We also have Dorian and his friends trying to get Farah's inheritance back.  There is so much more to say, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone!! If you haven't pick up this book, go out and do it today! You will not be disappointed!

This is my first story by Byrne and I can guarantee that it won't be my last!! I can not wait for the next story in the series, The Hunter, which comes out in February!!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Courtship and The Duke & His Duchess by Grace Burrowes.

The Courtship and The Duke & His Duchess by Grace Burrowes.

This is book 0.5 and 0.6 of the Wyndham series.

The Courtship - Esther Himmelfarb is only at the house party to watch over her cousin but ends up having to dodge the attentions of an unwanted suitor. Never thinking to catch the eye of the son of a duke, she is completely caught off guard when Lord Percival shows a marked interest in her.

The Duke & His Duchess - Five years of marriage and four sons later, we see what Esther and Percival are up to now. The duchess is worn out from taking care of four rambunchtous boys and the duke has a visit from his past...

I loved these two novellas. I have not read the rest of the series (I know, gasp!!), but I'm kinda glad that I was able to read these first. I was almost sick to my stomach reading the second because I thought I was going to be disappointed in what I thought might occur. I should have known that Burrowes would not disappoint me!!

Now I just have to find the time to read the eight books that tell us the story of Esther and Percival's children...

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

An Oath Sworn by Diana Cosby

An Oath Sworn by Diana Cosby

This is book 3 in the Oath Taken Trilogy.

Attacked and injured on the way to deliver a message to the King of France, Colyne MacKerran finds himself being taken care of by a beautiful woman. Deciding to help her reach her destination, Coyne must keep his mission a secret.

Marie Alesia Serouge is the bastard daughter of the King of France. She was kidnapped and must find her way home before her father declares war with Scotland for her kidnapping. Not knowing who to trust, she keeps her identity from Clyne.

Making their way to the same destination, unbeknownst to the other, they start to have feeling for each other. Can something that started with untruths continue when all the facts are given?

I really like the storyline, but the writing was not up to the standard of the other two book in the series. I found myself just skimming over the text for quite a bit of the story. 

I had high hopes for this story, but I was very disappointed...

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Monday, December 21, 2015

The Highlander's Bride by Amanda Forester

The Highlander's Bride by Amanda Forester

This is book 1 in the Highland Trouble series.

For years, Sir Gavin Patrick, has been fighting in France. Ready to finally go home, he is tasked with transporting Lady Marie Colette to her fiancee in Scotland. Thinking it an easy task, Gavin is shocked to see what all the woman plans to take with her. Not being able to talk her out of it, they begin their journey to the port where they will meet their ship.

Marie Colette thought she was doing her duty to go to the highlands and marry her fiancee. She didn't count on being attacked, finding a bunch of orphans or having to get married just to get out of France. Planning to get the marriage annulled when they reached Scotland, Marie and Gavin try to keep their distance from one another, but their attraction for one another is too strong.

What happens at the end out their journey and Marie is presented to her fiancee?

I so wanted to like this book. The storyline intrigued me, but I absolutely did not like Marie Colette. She killed it for me. I did really like Gavin, but wish Forester had a different woman in mind for him...

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Forever His Texas Bride by Linda Broday

Forever His Texas Bride by Linda Broday

This is book 3 in the Bachelors of Battle Creek.

Just trying to deliver some horses to a customer, Brett Liberty suddenly finds himself being shot at and accused of being a horse thief for no other reason than the fact that he is half Iroquois.   Finding himself locked in jail and about to be hung, he finds a bright spot in the form of Rayna Harper.

Rayna does what she can to help Brett when he is brought into the jail with a gunshot wound, but being a prisoner herself, there is not much else she can do for the man that is destined to hang but offer him comfort in his final hours.

When Brett's brother rescue him from certain death, he demands that Rayna come with them. As they spend more time with one another, there is no denying the attraction they feel for each other. But Brett won't let Rayna get involved with him, when all he does is bring trouble to his door because of his heritage.

Can Rayna make Brett understand that it doesn't matter to her, that he is all that does?

I really enjoyed this story and after reading the other two stories in the trilogy, I'm glad that Brett got his HEA.  As much as he did interact with his "brothers", he was still a loner. He isolated himself on his land and he needed a good woman to make him see that he was worth something. He had always figured that because of him being half Iroquois that he was given up and no one wanted him. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the history we learn about Brett and that also plays into part the changes we see in him.

This was a great ending to a wonderful trilogy. If you've not read it yet, what are you waiting for, go out and get it now!!

I'm excited to see what Broday had in store for us next!

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Whisper of Desire by Bronwen Evans

A Whisper of Desire by Bronwen Evans  

This is book 4 in the Disgraced Lords series.

Lady Marisa Hawkstone wakes up naked and in bed with Maitland Spencer, the Duke of Lyttleton.  Not remembering how they got there, they soon realize it was the work of the woman trying to harm the Libertine Scholars. With nothing left to do to save Marisa's reputation, they are soon married.

While Marisa tries to make the most of their marriage, Maitland remains the aloof man that the ton has come to know, that is everywhere but the bedroom. 

Can Marisa get Maitland to see that their marriage is as important as his duty to the dukedom?

LOVED this story!! While reading the other books in the series, I had a feeling that Evans would pair these two together and I was so happy to see that she did.

I always thought that there was more to Maitland than what he shared with his fellow scholars and Marisa was the right woman to get him to show that other side of him.  She is such an affectionate person that it was bound to rub off on Maitland sooner or later, LOL!

This story brings us that much closer to learning the truth about our mysterious villain. As much as I want to find her, I don't want this series to end. I've loved all the books in the series!

The next book, A Taste of Seduction, is Hadley's story and it comes out in July 2016.

You can get this book at the following retailers:

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Rebel Bride by Elizabeth Moss

Rebel Bride by Elizabeth Moss

This is book 2 in the Lust in Tutor Court series.

Susannah Tyrell does not want to marry as her father wishes her to, so she runs from home hoping to go to court to win the man that she does want. Unfortunately fate has other plans for her when she is found alone in the woods and taken captive.

Hugh Beaufort wants Susannah, but since she is the SIL to his best friend, he turns his attentions elsewhere. That is until he is sent to find her when she disappears.  Alone and in high passions from their run from the enemy, they give into their feelings.

Is their more to this attraction than mere lust?

I tried to get into this story, but I really didn't like Susannah at all. She came off as a spoiled noblewoman and often acted like a brat. I did however like Hugh and wish he had been paired with someone else.

I really enjoyed the first book in the series, but this one didn't cut it for me...

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Linda Broday's Forever His Texas Bride Spotlight and Giveaway

Title: Forever His Texas Bride 
Author: Linda Broday 
Series: Bachelors of Battle Creek, #3 
Pubdate: December 1st, 2015 
ISBN: 9781492602873 

 “There’s this thing between us that refuses to die. I’d like nothing better than to be able to…” His words faded. He’d give anything to change people’s views about his race…to be able to make her his wife. But the world wasn’t that simple. Not for people like them. 

 All his life, Brett Liberty has straddled two worlds: white and Iroquois. The only place he’s truly at peace is with his wild mustangs. But after he’s arrested for the color of his skin, he discovers Rayna Harper in the cell next to him. Rough and tumble Rayna has known little kindness, but Brett sees the depth of her heart hidden beneath layers of hurt and fear, and he refuses to leave without her. 

 Fierce and loyal, kind and strong, Rayna is everything Brett has ever wanted. But the world doesn’t look kindly on a love like theirs, and he would rather let her go than bring her pain. Yet when the demons of his past threaten her future, Brett realizes he will do anything to keep Rayna safe…and make her his. 

 At a young age, Linda Broday discovered a love for storytelling, history, and anything pertaining to the Old West. Cowboys fascinate her. There’s something about Stetsons, boots, and tall rugged cowboys that get her fired up! A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Linda has won many awards, including the prestigious National Readers’ Choice Award and the Texas Gold Award. She now resides in the panhandle of Texas on the Llano Estacado. 

 Buy Links: 

 Linda Broday’s latest is coming out this December! The final title in the Bachelor of Battle Creek trilogy, Forever His Texas Bride is sure to sweep readers off of their feet. To celebrate her new release, we’ve asked Linda to answer a “Quick Draw” either/or question and to share an excerpt with us! 

Dancing or singing? Now this isn’t fair because I’m no good at either but put on a fast rock and roll tune or Texas swing and I can’t resist dancing. I’ve been known to embarrass my kids to death. 

 An Excerpt: 

 Rayna sat up, pushed back her cloud of russet hair, and got up from the bunk in Brett’s jail cell. It was then he saw that she wore a heavy pair of men’s brogans. What on earth! The shoes looked as though they might’ve come off a very poor dead man. 

Her dirty dress had been mended so many times it looked like a patchwork quilt with none of the squares matching. But she seemed so spirited, so brave. 

If society had ever allowed him to take a wife, he’d want someone like her. He hated to think he’d have spent all his life never knowing what it could be like to be happy like his brothers now were. While he waited to die, maybe they could pretend. 

Maybe he could know what it was like to be loved. 

Until they led him through those doors to a hangman, maybe he could have the bride prejudice had denied him. The bold notion made ripples dance under his skin. 

Brett raised to a sitting position, ignoring the pain shooting through his back. “This may sound crazy, but I’m going to ask anyway. Rayna, do you think you could pretend to be my wife? Just until they take me away? No one will ever know but us, so they can’t hurt you.” 

Turning, she dropped down beside him. Surprised tears bubbled in her eyes. “No one ever asked me to marry them before.” 

“Is that a no?” 

“I’d be honored to be your pretend wife,” she whispered, brushing his face with her fingers. “What do we do now?” 

“Do you mind if I kiss you?” 

“I’d like that…husband.” 

Under her bright gaze, he lowered his head. But before their lips touched, the sound of a key grating in the lock made him jerk back. “Quick, go to your cell before they catch you with me.” 

Rayna scurried into hers and quietly eased the door shut. 

Just then a deputy sauntered in, taking care to keep his distance from Brett’s cell. “You alive, breed?”

 Brett glared. “Disappointed?” 

The deputy—a squat man who reminded Brett of a possum with little weasel eyes, grunted, shifting his gaze to Rayna. “Give any thought to my offer, woman?” 

No one had to spell out what the deputy meant. Brett sought to tamp down his rising anger. He watched Rayna tilt her head at a defiant angle. 

“The answer is the same as all the other times.” 

The weasel shrugged and went back out. The minute the door locked shut, Rayna slowly walked into Brett’s cell and sat down beside him again. “I wish I could see the sky and smell the fresh air.” 

“How long have you been in here?” 

“Over a month, I think. With each sunrise I’ve been making a mark on the wall. The one today makes thirty-one. But no matter how much I want out, I’m not doing what that deputy wants,” she whispered. “I’ll never be a fine lady, but even I have my dignity. No one will ever take that.” 

Though still hesitant, Brett took her small, dainty hand. Her skin shone white against his. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d touched someone who wasn’t family, but his pretend wife was different somehow. “Always stand on your principles. In the end, we still have to live with ourselves, look at our face in the mirror.”

Make sure to enter for a chance to win a complete set of Broday's Bachelors of Battle Creek trilogy!

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Sleeping Beau by Lila DiPasqua

Sleeping Beau by Lila DiPasqua

Originally published in the Awakened by a Kiss anthology.

Five years ago, Adrien d'Aspe, Marquis de Beaulain, had the most sensuous night of his life. But he woke up the next morning knowing he had been drugged and there was no trace of the mysterious woman. Not knowing who the woman was, he couldn't track her down. Finally seeing her across a crowded room, Adrien is not going to let her get away this time.

After Catherine's one night with Adrien, she never imagine that she would see him again. She didn't even know his identity. When she learns that he is the bastard son of the King, she can't get away fast again. She could be hanged for what she did to him. But Adien's not willing to let her go.

Will this Sleeping Beau get his Princess Charming after all?

I've loved every single one of DiPasqua's Fiery Tale stories.  She takes a classic tale and makes it into an endearing love story. Sleeping Beau is a quick, red-hot read that is a must read for any historical romance fan.  Once you start reading it, you won't want to put it down!!

You can purchase this book at the following retailers:

Thanks go out to Lila DiPasqua for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.
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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Once Upon a Marquess by Courtney Milan

Once Upon a Marquess by Courtney Milan

This is book 1 in the Worth Saga series.

With no one else to turn to, Judith Worth wrote a letter to Christian Trent, the Marquess of Ashford, asking for his help. Hoping that he would send a servant, Judith has no desire to see the man that ruined her family. When he answers her summons in person, Judith soon realizes that she must guard her heart or it might just be broken all over again.

Over the last 8 years, Christian has never let go of his love for Judith. He hopes that Judith's letter is the start of something new. Not wanting to get his hopes up, he knows to tread lightly where Judith is concerned.

Can Judith and Christian got over their past to find the love that they lost 8 years ago?

I fell in love with Milan's writing while reading her Brothers Sinister series and thought it one of the best that I have ever read. If her first book in the new series is any indication, the Worth Saga is going to be even better!!

I fell in love with the Worth family, quirks and all and didn't want this story to end (there is a reason I like to read series books all together and this is one of them...). I wanted to keep reading and find out what happened with each and every one of them!!

Definitely a great start to a new series that will be a must read for those that enjoy historical romance novels. Her Every Wish, book 1.5 in the series, will be out in January. It stars Judith's friend Daisy. Can't wait to read it!!

You can get a copy of this book at the following retailers:

Thanks go out to Courtney Milan via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Guest Blog Post and Giveaway: Top 10 Vacation Spots by Susanne Lord

Please welcome author Susanne Lord to the blog today!! She is a brand new author and her first book, In Search of Scandal, was just published on Dec. 1. You can find my review of the book HERE.

In Search of Scandal is the first book in Lord's London Explorer Series. Keeping with the explorer theme, Lord has shared her Top 10 Vacation Spots with us today!

Top 10 favorite vacation spots 

 1. The mile-long, former carriage drive between Chipping Campden and Broadway Tower in the Cotswolds. Not a soul to be seen, or modern sound to be heard. Hiking that path is like going back in time.

2. Kinkaku Ji, the Golden Temple, in Kyoto, Japan. This building is such a beauty, and surrounded by the most flawless view of nature, it almost defies belief.

3. The view of Chatsworth House from the nature walk is one of the most gorgeous prospects in all of England.

4. Sitting in Odori Park in Sapporo, Japan, listening to an ex-pat singing ‘Imagine’ by the Beatles with a beloved college friend is a favorite memory. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

5. The walk to the hunting tower at Lyme Park was like walking into a Bronte novel.

6. Seeing the city of Florence from the gardens of the Pitti Palace, and marveling over Brunelleschi’s Dome

7. The first view of Venice’s Grand Canal upon exiting the rail station

8. Wandering in Montmartre and happening upon the Lapin Agile

9. Looking out my hotel room window at Hassop Hall in Derbyshire, and seeing a lone tree shedding it’s pink, autumn leaves in a slow breeze. I fell even more in love with the English countryside.

10. Can’t leave off the white sand beaches of my grandmother’s island of Tokashiki. It’s insanely hot, but there’s not a more dazzling ocean or beach to be found in the world.

How many of you love to travel? I love to travel and have actually been to a couple of the places in Lord's top 10 list. If you could choose, which of the above destinations would you love to go to?

Enter for a chance to win your own copy of Susanne Lord's In Search of Scandal!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Reason to Wed by Heather Boyd

Reason to Wed by Heather Boyd

This is book 7 in the Distinguished Rogues series.

At a house party to spend some time with her lover, Esme soon learns that he is now engaged. Never one to interfere with a marriage, she find solace in the arms of Richard, the Earl of Windermere.

Always at odds with Esme in the past, Richard is surprised to find himself so attracted to her. He soon learns that it is reciprocated. 

Could a fling at a house party turn into something so much more?

I loved this story!! I'm always partial to H/H that banter back and forth and there is plenty of that with Boyd's latest story. The sizzle between the two of them didn't hurt either!!

This was a pretty quick read that had me wanting more. Boyd has created several secondary characters that I hope she develops stories for soon!

I can't wait to see what she gives us next!

You can get this book at the following retailers:

Thanks go out to LLD Press via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

How to Seduce a Scot by Christy English

How to Seduce a Scot by Christy English

This is book 1 in the Broadswords and Ballrooms series.

When Highlander Alexander Water come to London to find a husband for his sister, he never imagined that a proper English girl would catch his eye. But the minute he spots Catherine Middlebrook he is smitten.

Catherine is in need of a rich, titled gentleman to marry so that her family's debts can be paid. She can not allow her attraction to Alex get in the way of restoring her family's fortunes. 

It seems as if their wants are interfering with their needs…can Catherine and Alex get them to align?

I really enjoyed this story.  I always love when the hero is dead set against something, in this case marriage and the English, yet when he finds the one for him, that all changes.

I love a story that includes a Highland hero and an English heroine because with the animosity between the countries, it always adds an extra element of conflict that needs to be resolved. Alex doesn't want to be in England and he is very vocal about it. Even though his mother is English, he thinks there is no way that he would fall for an English woman. No one is more shocked than himself when he does.

Catherine needs to marry a wealthy English lord so that her family can pay off their debts. Her mother is spending money that they don't have, so when she finds a lord that seems intent on courting her, she doesn't want him to get away…even if it means that she is not following her heart.  Good intentions can sometimes lead us astray…

Mary Elizabeth and Robert, Alex's sister and brother, are great additions to this story and I can't wait for their stories to be told.

Robert's story, How to Wed a Warrior, is next and it comes out in February. I have to admit that I've already read it and it is also a great read!! Look for my review in a few months!

You can purchase this book at the following retailers:

Thanks go out to Sourcebooks via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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