Sexy Scot by Cecelia Mecca and Julie Johnstone

Greyson has just watched his brother disappear before his very eyes! The brothers had believed that their mother could possibly have been taken back into the past, but when one of them disappeared, it became all the more real to them. Greyson and his brothers are determined to go back in time to fetch their mother and brother back safely. The repeatedly say the chant, but nothing happens...until one day it does and only Greyson travel back in time. Lucky for him, he lands at the feet of his uncle. Greyson and his uncle set off in search of his mother. Along the way, they tun into a party being attacked. The only survivor is Marian.

Marian is being taken to her betrothed. She has never met the man and he has a bad reputation, so needless to say, she is not too happy to be on her journey.  When her party is attacked by reivers, she is rescued by Greyson. He is different from anyone she has ever met and not only because of his speech and mannerisms. The more time they spend together, the more reluctant she is to be taken to her betrothed. Can their attraction for one another lead to anything but heartache?

Lords, Ladies and Babies Anthology by Platt, Waite, Andresen, Anders, Farmer and Scott


When his brother's bride and son show up on his doorstep, Cheyne couldn't be more surprised. But what is even more surprising is that he has falling for the woman.

What Cheyne doesn't know is that Jennifer is not his brother's bride, she is the woman's best friend. When the couple leave town, Jennifer was left taking care of their baby. With an unwanted marriage in her future, she goes to the only place that can keep the baby safe. She knows that she shouldn't lie to Cheyne, but doesn't know what else to do.

THE SCOT'S BAIRN by Tabetha Waite

Damaris doesn't want to marry the man her father has promised her to, so she decides to compromise herself. She just didn't count on their being unwanted consequences for their night of passion. She is sent to a distant family member to wait out the pregnancy.

Callum can't seem to forget that woman he spends the magical night with. When he runs into her again and finds her pregnant with his child, he isn't about to let her go. But she doesn't want to get married. Can he convince her that the three of them can have their HEA?

EARL OF SIN by Tammy Andresen 

Mary needs to do something with her life since it appears that she won't be marrying. She can't keep living off of the generosity of her aunt and uncle. When she learns the the Earl of Sinclair is looking for a tutor for his daughter, she applies for the position. He hesitates to give her the position, but eventually gives her a trial run.

Colbert desperately needs help with his daughter. But when he meets Mary, he doesn't know that he wants her in his home. He is wildly attracted to her the moment they meet. But after seeing her with his daughter, he can't say no. Will he be able to fight his attraction to her?


Christian needs to marry. All the males in his family die at an early age and he needs an heir. A friend ends up writing an ad for the position of Christian's wife and it inadvertently ends up in the hands of Lillian.

Lillian is desperate for independence, so when answers the ad and learns that a marriage to Christian would be short lived, she jumps at the chance. But what happens when they both start to have feelings for the other, will it end in tragedy? 


Benedict needs an heir. The woman he is in love with refuses to marry him  because she is barren. His solution is to get a heir, say that he is now a widower and take the woman he loves in marriage. He discreetly lets it be known what he needs.

Meg needs money to start a new life. The only way to earn the money she needs is to work at the local brothel. But when she hears of Benedict's offer, she thinks it is the answer to her prayers. But the more time she spends with Benedict, the harder she falls for the man. When she becomes pregnant with the wanted heir, their intimacy stops. When this baby is born, is Meg only going to be left with a broken heart?

WOOED IN WINTER by Scarlett Scott

Graham is in need of a wife. The house party he has been invited to seems like the perfect place to start looking. Too bad Hannah, the woman who broke his heart, is the only woman to interest him. He can't seem to stay away from her...

Hannah is at the house party to chaperone her sisters. She never imagined that she would encounter Graham as she had done her best to avoid him over the years. But after all these years it appears that the attraction between the two has not dissipated. While the hurt they both endured is still fresh, can these two make another go at it?

In Bed with the Earl by Christi Caldwell

Verity is after the biggest story of her career. If she doesn't get it, she will lose her job. So when she learns that going down into the sewers might lead her to the break that she needs, she doesn't hesitate to go underground. But she ends up needing rescuing and Malcom steps in to help her. She soon learns that he is the story she has been hunting.

Malcom makes his living combing the tunnels under the city for treasures. He's done well for himself and couldn't ask for more. When he learns that he is the long lost heir of an earl, he wants nothing to do with it. He likes the life that he leads and doesn't want anything interfering with it. But that all changes when he meets Verity.

One thing after another happens and Verity and Malcom end up posing as husband and wife. In such close quarters, sparks start flying. Will this pretend marriage to to one in truth?

The Earl Not Taken by A.S. Fenichel

When Poppy and her friends find out that one of them is to be married to an unknown duke, they decide that they need to learn everything possible about him. Against Poppy's wishes, one of her friend's brother, decides she needs his help. The two have been at odds since they had a run in years earlier.

Rhys feels guilty that he couldn't save her sister from a horrible marriage and sees helping Poppy as a way to make sure that non of his sister's friends have the same fate she did. While he doesn't know why Poppy seems to hate him, he has always enjoyed sparing with her.

As these two spend more and more time together, they realize that what they feel for one another is not dislike. Can they get over their past to find a happily ever after?

The Bridled Tongue by Catherine Meyrick

Death and life are in the power of the tongue.

England 1586 Alyce Bradley has few choices when her father decides it is time she marry as many refuse to see her as other than the girl she once was--unruly, outspoken and close to her grandmother, a woman suspected of witchcraft.

Thomas Granville, an ambitious privateer, inspires fierce loyalty in those close to him and hatred in those he has crossed. Beyond a large dowry, he is seeking a virtuous and dutiful wife. Neither he nor Alyce expect more from marriage than mutual courtesy and respect.

As the King of Spain launches his great armada and England braces for invasion, Alyce must confront closer dangers from both her own and Thomas's past, threats that could not only destroy her hopes of love and happiness but her life. And Thomas is powerless to help.

'People never forget. When the fancy takes them, they bring the old stories out and embroider them further.'

An Unconventional Affair by Stacy Reid

Amelie has been tasked by her friends to learn what she can from the author of a salacious erotic piece of literature. They want to learn all that they can to keep their protectors happy. The only problem is that Amelie has a history with Max. 

Max may have written the book on Passionate Romps, but he is still a virgin. Deciding that he needs to change that, he decides to seek out a woman. Reconnecting with Amelie shows him that his feeling for her from long ago, never changed. They decide to have an affair. But will their passion lead to more?

The Duke's Wicked Wife by Elizabeth Bright

Sebastian has decided that it is time to take a bride. Being friends with Eliza and trusting her judgement, he asks her to give him a list of names to choose from. He will have a house party and invite his potential brides.

Eliza is happy to help Sebastian with his choice of brides as she is certainly not going to be the one to marry him. She never wants to marry knowing the her mother and step mother both died in childbirth. 

But as the house party progresses, Eliza and Sebastian seem to spend more and more time together. While he always seems to be needling her and she is always ready with a snappy comeback, there seems to be much more going on than mere friendship. Is there a possibility that Eliza will change her mind about marriage? Will Sebastian see the Eliza as more than just a friend?