The Atlas Catesby Series by D. M. Quincy

I've always liked Diana Quincy's books, so when I heard she had put out a mystery series, I know that I needed to pick them up! I'm so glad that I did!!

Book 1, Murder in Mayfair. Atlas Catesby has been traveling the world, but on one of his trips back to England, he comes across a woman being auctioned off by her husband. Not about to see this woman come to anymore harm, he purchases her. Atlas let the woman know that he will help her in anyway that he can. But Lilliana has two young sons at home that she is not about to give up. While Atlas tries to help her gain custody of her sons, Lilliana's husband turns up murdered. Now the two must figure out who killed him, as they are the most likely suspects...

Book 2, Murder in Bloomsbury. Atlas hasn't seen Lilliana in quite some time, but when she asks him to look into her maid's death, he can't turn her down. As they dig deeper into the mystery, there appears to be many that wanted the man dead. Can they get to the truth?

Book 3, Murder at the Opera. Atlas and Lilliana are finally having their night at the Opera, but it ends with the death of a notorious courtesan. She was the Marquess of Vessey's mistress. Atlas has long believed that the marquess murdered his wife, Atlas's sister. He would do anything to have the man finally be punished for his crime. But as he and Lilliana dig into this mystery, all manor of suspect develop. Will Atlas finally get his revenge?

Attracted to the Earl by Bronwen Evans

Guy has just inherited his title after the death of his brother. Never wanting the title, he now has to worry that the secret he has been hiding his whole life will become exposed. When Abigail arrives, he wonders if his abhorrent cousin has sent her to discover his secret. 

Abigail arrives at Guy's home on a mission to find a flower and draw it. At least that is what she tells him and it's not a lie. She just doesn't tell him the other part of her mission, she has been sent by Guy's cousin to find out what Guy's secret is. She doesn't want to do it, but the man had threatened her and her sister and she'll never allow her sister to be harmed. Will she be able to go through with her mission, or will Guy figure out the truth? And if he does, what will he do?

A Rogue by Night by Kelly Bowen

Katherine grew up being a smuggler, but left and made another life for herself. Upon returning home, she is once again caught up in the local smuggling ring. When she meets the new doctor, she is intrigued, but can't let him find out what she and her family are apart of. But why does the man keep turning up everywhere she goes?

Harland turned to smuggling to keep his family's struggling business afloat. But he made a bargain with someone who needs him to keep at it even though his finances are back where they should be. As the unknown head of the local smuggling ring, his job as a doctor allows him to travel the countryside at odd hours and no one is the wiser. But when Harlan needs Katherine's help in London, that all changes. 

Neither want this life, but when promises are made, one has to keep their word. Can this couple that has found their way to one another get their HEA?

The Earl by Cecelia Mecca

The Order of the Broken Blade was formed years ago when four young men came together to protect Cait from her attacker. But what only one of the members knows is that another bond was formed. The one between Cait and Conrad. They had met before the attack and then after, spent years corresponding with one another. But then Cait suddenly stopped writing and Conrad was devastated. He saw Cait as the woman that he would some day marry and didn't know what to think when she suddenly stopped all contact. He is blindsided when she suddenly shows up on his doorstep.

Cait fell in love with Conrad all those years ago and their bond only grew deeper over the years that they wrote to one another. But Cait blames herself for what happened stops all correspondence with Conrad. She is heartbroken, but feels like this is what she has to do. But with her mother pushing her to get married, Cait decides to finally see if Conrad will still have her as her love for him has never diminished. 

Can these two find their way back to one another?

A Reluctant Bride by Jess Michaels

Jasper has agreed to marry one of the Shelley sisters (triplets) because he needs the money that will come with the marriage. He really doesn't care which one. The girls' father chooses Anne as his betrothed. But the night of their engagement ball, her sister Thomasina shows up in her place pretending to be Anne. For some reason, he doesn't understand, he can tell Thomasina apart from her sisters, but not the other two. He doesn't know why Thomasina is pretending to be her sister, but he goes along with it. When Anne goes missing, Jasper finds himself engaged to Thomasina instead. While Anne didn't inspire any feelings inside him, Thomasina inspires too many...

Thomasina was instantly attracted to Jasper upon meeting him and was sorely disappointed when her father chose Anne to be his attended. Since that night, she has been trying to hide her feelings from one and all. Right before her sister's engagement ball, Anne asks her to be her for the night. She wanted one more night to herself before marrying. But later that night, Thomasina learns that her sister has run off. When her father decides to marry her off to Jasper, she realizes that she doesn't have to hide her desire anymore. But can their marriage become more than just one of convenience? 

Forever My Duke by Olivia Drake

Hadrian has decided that it is time to get married. A cousin would like him to marry his daughter and since Hadrian has not seen anyone else that strikes his fancy, he has decided to visit the girl to see if they could make a match since he hasn't seen the girl since she was a young child. But one the way to his visit, he encounters Natalie. An American, she doesn't seem to be impressed that he is a duke. He is instantly intrigued. When he learns Natalie and headed to the same place he is, he offers her a ride. The more time he spends with her, he realizes that she is the one for him. But how can he convince a woman that hates the nobility to take a chance on him?

Natalie, having grown up in America, sees no reason to treat the duke she meets any different than anyone else. She detests the English nobility after hearing how they treated her father before he moved to her home country. Only in England for a short time, she plans to quickly finish her business and go home where she wants to start a school. But she is running into issues reuniting the orphaned child of her best friend with his remaining family. Hadrian seems to want to help, but since she doesn't have the highest opinion of anyone in the nobility, she doesn't think she can trust him.
Will Hadrian be able to convince Natalie that he is not all the rest of the nobility and that they can make a life with each other?

My Darling Duke by Stacy Reid

Katherine is desperate. Her family is in financial ruin and she will do anything to protect her mother and sisters. She transforms herself into "Kitty", a much more outgoing and outrageous person than she normally is. She also lets the ton think that she is engaged to the Duke of Thornton. The reclusive duke has never shown his face in town when the other rumors started about him, so Kitty thinks she will be save from retribution. She just wants the connection to the duke to go long enough for her sisters to find good matches and to save her family from ruin. She didn't count on the duke showing up in London and calling her bluff.

Having been scarred and confined to a wheelchair after an accident, Alexander has been secluded at his estate for many years. Which is why is comes as a shock to hear that he has a fiancée. But the more he learns about his "fiancée", the more intrigued he becomes. So much so that he ventures down to London when he hasn't been there in years. After meeting Kitty in person, he decides he wants her for himself, so he makes a bargain with her...

Neither ever thought to get married, but could this fake engagement lead to an everlasting love?