My Highland Bride by Cecelia Mecca

Erik has been sent by the queen to gain support from the Highlands, specifically from Lord Moray. The problem is that Lord Moray and his father don't get along, so he doesn't know how receptive he will be for an alliance. After approaching Moray at the tournament, he agrees to the alliance on one condition...that Erik marries his daughter. But she must want the match.

Reyne is excited to be at her first tournament. When she sees Erik again, she is reminded of the time spent together as children. He starts to spent time with her and he soon reveals the deal he made with her father. She agrees to give him until the end of the tournament to woo her, but doesn't give him any guarantees.

Can Erik win the heart of Reyne to help keep his country from coming to war?

Earl's Well That Ends Well by Jane Ashford

Arthur has spent the last year helping four young men recover from losing a loved one. Along the way they each also found love. Feeling the emptiness of his estate, he goes to London where he encounters Teresa. He is instantly intrigued.

Teresa has no time for Arthur in her life. She has made a new life for herself in London and it doesn't include having an affair with him. But no matter how much she tries to dissuade him, he keeps coming around. This leads to actually getting to know and respect him...which she never imagine would happen.

Will Teresa decide to open her heart so that she might finally get her HEA with Arthur?

Truly Madly Plaid by Eliza Knight

When Annie's family home is attacked and burned, she knows that she must inform her brother who is away in battle. When she arrives, she finds her brother's best friend almost dead on the battlefield. Rescuing him and others, they find a place for a makeshift hospital. 

Craig wakes up to find that Annie has saved him from death. But as he and the others heal, they know they must soon deal with the very real possibility of the enemy finding them. When the enemy does find them, Craig is taken into custody. With a mutual attraction growing between them, Annie risks everything to rescue him.

Will she get to him in time to save him so they can have their HEA?

The Princess and the Rogue by Kate Bateman

Anya is a princess on the run. While she has a job as a companion, she learns that the man the is after her is in London and it is decided that she needs more protection. She moves in with her employer's nephew, the Earl of Mowbray, who lives in a gambling den he runs. But living in such close quarter just makes the attraction they feel for one another that much harder to resist.

Sebastien knows there is more to the story that his aunt and new house guest are not telling him, but he has promised to protect Anya and that is what he will do. With the attraction between them increasing with each passing day, they finally give in to it. But what will happen when Sebastian finally learns who Anya really is? Will this budding romance fizzle before it really has a chance to get started?

To Catch an Earl by Kate Bateman

Emmy has loved Alex for years, even going so far as to kiss him one night at masked ball. Several years have now passed and she is fulfilling her father's wish of stealing all the jewels belonging to the French monarchy. The only problem is that Alex is the investigator trying to hunt her down.

Alex has never forgotten the woman that so intrigued him before going off to war. When he meets Emmy when he is in pursuit of the Nightjar, he feels that same intrigue. But what will happen when he learns that the woman he is starting to fall for is the same person he has been tracking?

An Unexpected Temptation by Sophie Barnes

Six years ago, Athena stopped Robert's wedding because his fiancée was in love with her brother. She has never forgiven herself for hurting him even though she knows then he wouldn't have been happy in his marriage with his wife in love with someone else. When she see a chance to make amends, she sets out to make her apology. What she doesn't count on is getting caught in a winter storm and having to stay in Robert's home with him...

Robert had sent Athena away went she arrived at his home, but then the storm came and he was stuck with her. But this Athena was the the girl he remembered and he is soon starting to find himself drawn to her. Could this woman that that caused so much havoc in his life, be the person to bring joy back into it?

Her Wicked Marquess by Stacy Reid

Maryann doesn't want to marry the old man that her parents have picked out for her. She she decides to create a scandal so that he won't want to marry her any longer. When she learns that the Marquess of Rothbury was caught climbing out of a bed chamber during a house party, she lets it slip that is was her. Now she just needs him to keep quiet about the fact that it wasn't her...

Nicolas has his own reasons for not outing Maryann for the liar that she is. He has plans for revenge and since one of the people he is after is a member of her family, having her close helps him. What he didn't count on was falling for her the more time that they spent together.

What will happen when Maryann learns the truth. Can this budding romance survive?