Betrothed by Christmas by Jess Michaels and Elizabeth Essex

A Lady's Gift for Seduction by Jess Michaels

Evangeline has no plans to marry anytime soon as she's found anyone that will make her happy. But fearing that her father may choose her spouse, she decided to find a biddable man that will let her continue as she has. Henry has just been told by his father that unless he stops with his astronomy research, he will be cut off. But when Evangeline starts to flirt with him, he thinks she might be the solution to his dilemma. But since she has never seemed to have an interest in him beyond a friend before this, he wonders what she is up to...

A Lady's Gift for Scandal by Elizabeth Essex.

Tamsin only wants to live the life of a bluestocking, but her mother is determined to marry her off before she is forced to marry her father's heir. Tamsin (along with Evangeline) come up with a plan to get her ruined just enough so that marriage to her cousin is not an option. They settle on Simon, who is a soldier having recently returned from war and a wallflower. But Tamsin soon realizes that there is much more to Simon than anyone would suspect. Could Tamsin's ruination turn into something much more exciting?

How to Capture a Duke by Tina Gabrielle

Olivia is just going through the motions while at the Duke of Keswick's house party. Her mother is determined to see her married, but Olivia is bored with all the men she meets, that is until an encounter with Keswick's stable master. But when she is accused of stealing she finds out that it was not the stable master that she was so intrigued with but the duke himself. When he admits to being with her when the theft supposed occurred, they find themselves heading to the alter.

Tristan can't believe that he has been duped into marriage. He thought that when he met Olivia she was different from all the other scheming debutants, but he was wrong. They marry and Tristan tells Olivia to stay at the estate while he goes to London. But she soon shows up unannounced and is wrecking all kinds of havoc on his emotions. Could he have been wrong about her entrapping him in marriage?

Some Like it Scandalous by Maya Rodale

Theo has been told by his father that he has to marry or he will be cut off. His father is tired of his dissolute ways and thinks that marriage will tame him. Daisy's father has done some shady dealings that are about to be revealed and her mother thinks that marriage will save Daisy's reputation.

Neither thought they would marry for love, but neither can stand the other. This stems back to something that happened in their childhood. The work out a plan to get engaged, but to end it in the future. But as they spend time together, they realize that they actually do like the other. Soon they realize that those feelings are even stronger. Can this sham of an engagement turn into the real thing?

To Resist a Scandalous Rogue by Liana De La Rosa

Finlay is trying to turn his life around after learning a secret that could shatter his world. Trying to forget what happened, he attends a house party where he meets Charlotte. They feel an immediate attraction and spend the night together, but she disappears in the morning.

Charlotte is a widow and desperately needs a job. She thought she would be a maid at the house party, but her cousin didn't tell her the truth. Not willing to lay on her back for money, she decides to spend the night and leave in the morning. Unable to sleep, she goes to the garden where she meets Finlay. Charlotte knows that there can never be anything between her and Finlay and she heads back to London before he makes an offer that she can't refuse. She luckily finds a job at a foundling home, teaching the children.

A year later, Finlay and Charlotte meet up again. Their attraction is still red hot. Can anything permanent come from it?

Ella's Desire by Madeline Martin

Wanting to marry for love, Ella is forced to marry an Englishman to prove her father's loyalty to the crown. But as she gets to know her betrothed, she realizes that she might get her HEA after all.

Bronson doesn't want to get married, but when he realizes that his estate is riddled with debt and the king will save him family from ruin, he decides to go through with it. He soon falls for his betrothed, but just when things seem to be working out, trouble enters. Can these two work out their differences to get the HEA they both deserve?

The Merry Viscount by Sally MacKenzie

After an unsuccessful trip to London, Caroline is making her way back home on the stagecoach. Unfortunately to young bucks decide to take over for the driver and the coach ends up in the ditch. Luckily they are close to the estate of Viscount Oakland, who was her brother's childhood best friend. Unfortunately when she arrives to get help for the coach, she realizes that she has interrupted a wicked holiday party.

Nick is surprised to see his best friend's little sister at his door in the middle of the snow storm. And she is not alone...agreeing to house the people that were on the coach until the storm passes and the coach is fixed, Nick knows that his wicked holiday party has come to a screeching halt. But as he spends time with Caroline, he soon realizes that she might be just what he needs this holiday season.

Can these two find the HEA that neither of them thought they wanted?

The Wicked Viscount by Heather McCollum

Cat is called to London by the queen and Nathaniel has volunteered to escort her there. Cat destains all things English, and for good reason. So when she has to go to London escorted by an Englishman, she is not happy. But there has always been something between her and Nathaniel and it gets harder to deny as they spend so much one on one time together.

Nathaniel has been intrigued with Cat since they met and quickly volunteers to escort her to London when she is summoned. During their time together, he soon realizes that his attraction is not one sided. But they must navigate the court while in England and some startling truths emerge. Can this budding romance survive?