Highland Renegade by Cynthia Breeding

Emily has been given the deed to lands in the Highlands. It is desperately needed as she and her sisters have no where else to go. She knows that the clan that originally owned the land, still lives upon it and will no doubt resent her moving in. But she hopes that they can all live together in peace.

Ian has plans for when the widow comes to visit his ancestral home... make it as unpleasant as he possible can and she wouldn't want to stay. Expecting an older woman, he didn't count on the determination of Emily to make the Highlands her home.

Ian and his clan are attempting to get their land back, but as Ian falls for Emily he begins to wonder what they will mean for her. Can they both get what they need?

The Black Lion by Victoria Vale

Bella has loved Drew since they were children. When she learns that he has joined the Royal Navy and is lost at sea, she is devastated. The one person who seems to be just as devastated is Drew's bother, Will. After mourning Drew's death for many years, Bella has finally agreed to marry Will. He might not be Drew, but he was her friend. But on her wedding day, she gets the biggest shock of her life...Drew is alive! But this Drew is not the same man that she fell in love with. He is now an infamous pirate.

Drew is finally going to get revenge on the two people he used to care the most about. he can't believe that the woman he loves is betraying him with his brother. Kidnapping them both, along with Bella's father, they are taken back to his ship. Drew WILL get his revenge.

But as Drew spends time with Bella, he starts to realize that all might not be as it seems. Can these two find their way back to one another for a second chance of love?

Tempting the Scoundrel by Tracy Sumner

As a lonely young man, Christian gave his heart to a woman that he had never talked to. But watching her from afar, told him that she was the one for him. In the years since, no one has tempted him like Raine did. When he is finally reunited with her and he gets to know the woman that he admired from afar, he learns that she still has his heart. 

Raine has run from a horrible employer and has just settled into her new employment. When she is asked to help the famous watch maker with some translations, she gladly accepts. But she didn't count on the attraction she would feel for him.

Can this upstairs/downstairs romance work?

A Winter Wish by Christi Caldwell

Merry's whole family works for the Maldavers and she is soon to replace her mother as housekeeper. Having been on the estate her whole life she grew up with the child of the house. Although the oldest, Lucas, never participated in any of their childhood games as he was always preparing to take over his father's position of earl. The countess has asked Merry to go to London and prepare the house for a holiday party. But she also has given Merry an additional task...get Lucas involved with the preparations. 

When he was forced to break his betrothal because of a scandal in the family, Lucas ended up diving into debauchery, which is the opposite of his normal behavior. When he learns that his mother has tasked Merry into getting him involved in the set up of the house, he decides he is going to put all of his effort into it.

As Merry and Lucas spend time together, Merry soon learns that Lucas wanted to join in all the fun when they were children, but with being the heir, didn't feel like he could. Joining in all the fun now, shows Lucas all the fun that he was missing. But what happens with the heir falls for the help?

Kinsey's Defiance by Madeline Martin

William is on a mission to prove that he should be his father's heir and the next laird of his clan. He has gathered his men and is ready to fight for the newly returned King of Scotland. When he sees a much needed archer in a town they are traveling through, he asks the archer to join them. He hopes she says yes...

Kinsey has always stood up for those that need it and when offered the chance to fight the English, she jumps at the opportunity to go against the country that took so much from her. What she didn't count on was the mutual attraction she found with William. While they have decided to keep their relationship purely business, they can't seem to fight their attraction.

When the Earl Met His Match by Stacy Reid

Hugh has decided it is time to get a wife. He decides to put an ad in the newspaper listing the qualities that he is looking for. He receives an intriguing letter from an anonymous woman who disagrees with his whole process to getting a wife. They continue to write and Hugh is smitten just from the bantering words they exchange.

Phoebe has always thought to marry for love. That is until the man she loved betrayed her. Now compromised and pregnant, she needs a plan to save the baby that her mother would see given away. Having been corresponding with Hugh for months, she decides to offer him the marriage of convenience that he wants. It will solve both of their issues.

But once they get married, will a marriage of convenience be enough for Hugh and Phoebe?

Confessions of Lady Grace by Rachel Ann Smith

Grace made a bargain to save the life of the man that holds her heart, but that bargain includes marrying another man. While she must act like this is a love match, she can't help but long to be in the arms of the man she really loves.

Matthew has just spent 2 years as a captive and when he comes back he learns that the woman he loves is to marry another. Busy trying to get revenge on the man that had a hand in his imprisonment, he still can't get Grace from his mind. Can he get the revenge he so desperately wants and get back the love of his life?