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The Warrior's Bride by Amanda Scott

The Warrior's Bride by Amanda Scott.

This is book 3 in the Lairds of the Loch series.

Unbeknownst to Lady Muriella MacFarlan, her father offers her up to Robert (Rob) MacAuley as a bride. Rob declines stating that he won't inflict himself on any woman.

Muriella has her mind set on being the clan story teller, but after seeing how happy her sisters are in their marriages Muriella has set her eyes on Rob macAuley. That is until she learns that he has already rejected her.

When Muriella is kidnapped by Dugal MacFarlan, her father asks Rob to be the one to bring her back. As Rob has business with Dugal's father, he quickly agrees.

Rob arrives in the middle of Muriella's "trial" where she is accused of doing the kidnapping and is told to marry Dugal to make amends.  There was no way that Muriella was going to marry the enemy of her clan, so she claims that she can't marry Dugal since she is already married to Rob.  

According to Scottish tradition, when Rob does not deny the marriage it become true to fact.  What will they do with a marriage that neither one of them wanted?

This novel continues the story of the Andrew MacFarlan trying to reclaim is place as the Laird of Clan MacFarlan.  I really enjoyed reading all three books in the series. Amanda Scott always includes so much history in her novels. I feel like I can really understand what is happening in the world at that time and have a better understanding of what drives the characters she writes about. For this history lover that is definitely a plus.

I wasn't sure how Muriella's story would progress as she was pretty young in the other two novels. Scott did progress  the book a year from the previous one to give her some time to go up, although Muriella was still an impulsive young lady (which leads to her being kidnapped). I loved Rob since he was previously introduced in the series and grew more attached as his story progressed.

I did enjoy the unique gifts that the sisters possessed and didn't feel like they were unrealistic.  I wish that this was not the end of the series as I will miss all the characters (even Dugal and all his craziness!)

You can get this book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Thanks go out to Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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