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Pleasing the Pirate by Sharon Cullen

Pleasing the Pirate by Sharon Cullen.

This is book three in the series.

Mairi McFadden is desperate to find her brother to save her clan from starvation. She received a letter from him saying that he was in prison in London. With the aid of a clansman, Mairi finds her way to Phin Lockwood's ship to ask him for help.

Phin Lockwood has been given a reprieve from hanging. If he brings in a traitorous Scot, he will be granted his life.  The Home Office arranges for Mairi, the traitor's sister, to be lead to him. He plans to use her as bait to draw her brother out.

Mairi is excited when Phin agrees to help her find her brother, but is startled to learn that he has escaped captivity and is considered a traitor to the English crown. 

Mairi soon learns that Phin is using her to capture her brother but doesn't know that he is doing it to save his own life.  As the two of them spend more and more time together, they can't fight the attraction between them. Can Mairi find happiness with the man that is trying to imprison her brother?

I have been a fan of Sharon Cullen's work since I read The Notorious Lady Anne. This is also where I was introduced to Phin and I have eagerly awaited his story. 

Mairi is the perfect woman for Phin. He spent years with "Lady Anne" and would need a strong woman to catch his eye.  Mairi stuck by her brother's side, even when she knew what he was doing was wrong because she valued her family and all that it meant.  Knowing what he would have done and did for his sister, Phin can understand this type of devotion and admire it.

I loved seeing the H/H from Cullen's other two novels and hope that there will be more books in the series to be published.

You can get this book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers.

Thanks go to NetGalley and Random House Publishing for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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