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His Forbidden Debutante by Annabelle Bryant

His Forbidden Debutante by Annabelle Bryant

This is book 4 in the Regency Charms series.

After being seriously injured in a carriage accident and having to learn to walk all over again, Lavinia Montgomery is finally ready to make her debut. Wanting a family of her own she is determined to find a husband, but she can't seem to forget the man that she fell in love with before her accident. Although she never meet the man, they exchanged letters and a connection grew between them. After her accident, Lavinia stopped writing to him. She felt that she no longer had anything to offer her gentleman.

Randolph James Caulfield, the Earl of Penwick, is engaged to be married. Unfortunately he can't seem to forget the woman that he fell in love with through the letters they exchanged and is doubting his decision. Then he meets Livi and feels an instant attraction for her. Now he really doesn't know what to do. He has a fiancee, a woman that stole his heart through their letter writing and now Livi whom he can't stop thinking about.

Can Lavinia and Randolph get through this mess to find their HEA?

Having read about the letters being exchanged by Lavinia and Randolph in the previous books, I was very much looking forward to reading this story! Bryant did not disappoint.

I will tell you that I read this book in one setting. I just had to keep reading until they finally realized who the other was!! Once I was that far into the book, I had to just keep reading to see how it ended.  
Bryant also brilliantly weaved in a mystery that involved Lavinia and her love of shoes. You'd never guess that a love of shoes would bring dander to your life!

I don't know if Bryant will be continuing with this series or not, but I'm looking forward to whatever she presents us with next!

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Thanks go out to Carina UK via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.
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