Friday, March 4, 2016

The Unforgettable Hero by Valerie Bowman

The Unforgettable Hero by Valerie Bowman

This is book 4.5 in the Playful Brides series.

Cecelia Harcourt is determined to decide her own future that doesn't include marrying her cousin. To do this, she must sell the novel that she has been working on for years. Unfortunately, after meeting with the publisher, she is hit by a coach, loses her memory and ends up thinking that she is the heroine of her novel.

Lieutenant Adam Hunt is the first to find Cecelia after the accident and takes her to his brother's home nearby where his SIL convinces him that he needs to follow along with what Cecelia believes to be true...which is that Adam is her fiancee, the Duke.

Will Cecelia get her memory back and if she does, what happens to the budding romance that has started between her and Adam?

This was an enjoyable, quick read. Adam is the brother of the Duke of Claringdon whom we met in The Unexpected Duchess. It was nice to see Lucy and Derek again! 

I think what I liked most about this story is that it is so different from most of the books I've read. I've read books where one of the characters has lost their memory, but not one in which that person believes that they are someone else. What a clever idea Bowman had!

The next book in the Playful Brides series, The Untamed Earl, comes out in May. I can't wait to read it!!

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Thanks go out to St. Martin's Press via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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