Saturday, March 5, 2016

Captured by a Celtic Warrior by Kennedy, Knight, Sinclair, and Haymore

Captured by a Celtic Warrior by Kris Kennedy, Eliza Knight, Vonda Sinclair, and Jennifer Haymore.

A slight of hand...

catching a traitor...

a case of mistaken identity...

and thwarting a power hungry noble.

This anthology follows how a dagger is passed down through the generations and how others wished to posses 
it for over 600 years.

I really liked this compilation of stories because they are all connected through the dagger. Anthologies often follow a common theme, but are not really tied together like this one is. That is a plus for me. Knowing that all the stories were tied to the dagger, had me excited to continue to each of the following stories, just to see what would happen to it.

Most of the authors were new to me, so it was nice to get to know their style of writing and find some new authors that I want to read. That is always a plus!

Jennifer's story, Her Wicked Highlander) is book 2.5 in her Highland Knights series. The others seemed like they might also be a part of series by that author, but I couldn't find any information on it...

I'm hoping that Kennedy, Knight, Sinclair and Haymore decide to do this again as I really enjoyed reading all four stories.

You can purchase this book at the following locations:

Thanks go out to CrushStar Multimedia via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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