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Viscountess of Vice by Jenny Holiday

Viscountess of Vice by Jenny Holiday

This is book 3 in the Regency Reformers series.

Catharine, Viscountess Cranbrook was looking to do something more with her life. When she was approached to help find a traitor, she jumped at the chance. Her role requires her to take on the persona of "Lady V" at a high end brothel where she is paid to have "conversations" with gentleman. There is help catch a criminal, Catharine is surprised to find herself attracted to one of her clients.

Social Reformer James Burnham is at the brothel to learn more about the girls there. He wants to know if they are there willing or if they have been put to work against their wishes. But instead of talking to the girls of the house, he ends up paying for time with Lady V. He knows that she won't have the answers that he is looking for, but he couldn't stop that attraction that he felt for her.

Catharine doesn't want James know her true identity, but when they both attend the same function, her secret is revealed. Knowing that her reputation would hurt James, she tries to stay away. But sometimes that attraction is just too much to ignore. 

Can the scandalous widow and the social reformer make a go of it?

Loved this story!! I've always been partial to stories that involve undercover work for the government. It's even better when it is the heroine of the story that is doing it!! 

I really liked James and Catharine together. The attraction between the two of them was red hot from the very beginning! As they say, opposites do attract!

I've loved this whole series and I hope that Holiday is continuing it!!

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Thanks go out to Entangled Publishing via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.
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