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Scandalously Yours by Cara Elliot

Scandalously Yours by Cara Elliot.

This is book one in the Hellions of High Street series.

Olivia Sloane is know as the Hellion of High Street. She doesn't have a problem speaking her mind, which doesn't sit well with the rest of the ton. She would much rather sit at home and write her column than go to the nightly balls.

John, the Earl of Wrexham, has recently resigned his commission and can't stand spending time with all the frivolous people in the ton. He would rather spend his time working on his speech for the House of Lords. He also doesn't need to attend the ton parties to find a wife (which his sister would like him to do) because he has found a perfectly acceptable woman back at home to court. Unfortunately, John's son, Prescott (Scottie) doesn't seem to get along with her.

John and Olivia meet one night in a secluded room, where each of them has gone to get away from the mindless drivel of the ton. They are both instantly intrigued by the other and soon learn that they have much in common.

Both having an interest in the returning soldiers, they decide to work together on John's speech. Unfortunately, the other lords want John on their side of the argument and threaten retribution if he doesn't side with them. One of them kidnaps John's son, which leads John and Olivia on a different kind of adventure.  

I absolutely LOVED this story!  Olivia is not your conventional regency woman. She is not afraid to show that she has more than dress patterns in her head.  I loved that she was not afraid to be herself even when it didn't make her very popular with the rest of the ton. The interactions between Olivia and John were priceless!  The banter between them was very entertaining. It was also nice to see a couple become friends because of mutual interests instead of just acting upon a physical attraction (although there was still plenty of that!)

One of the best parts of the novel was the interactions between the Sloane sisters. None of them are your typical "miss". There were so many times that I was laughing out loud while reading this, which is always a plus in my book!

John's son, Scottie, was also a hoot!  Between writing an ad for the paper looking for a mother and then his attempt to go to London, you never knew what he would be up to next.

The next book in the series is about Anna Sloane and "Devil" Davenport. We meet both of them in this novel and I can't wait to read their story.  You could definitely see the attraction between the two of them and hints of secrets that Davenport is hiding. It is scheduled to be published in Feb. 2014.

You can find this book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Thanks go to NetGalley and Forever (Grand Publishing) for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.
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