Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Guest Blogger: Jess Michaels

Jess Michaels here! When I found out Amy was going to be doing her own review blog, I said, “Sign me up!” Then I said, hey, do you want me to do an interview with you for your blog? As an author I’m always the one answering the questions, so it was fun to put them together instead. So here you go, everything you ever wanted to know about Amy Alvis and her brand new Historical Romance Lover blog:

1. So your new blog is called Historical Romance Lover, how long have you been reading historical romance? 

I started reading them sometime shortly after college, so about 17 yrs.

2. Do you have a favorite sub-genre of historical romance (Regency, Victorian, Medieval, American)?

I don’t know that I have a favorite sub-genre because I like and read them all. I will say that I probably read Regency era the most.

3. Who are your favorite historical romance authors or books? 

Oh, goodness! How can I choose?  I have so many favorite authors…I have over 100 authors that I read everything that they publish.

4. What made you want to start a review blog?  

Reading is one of three big passions that I have, the other two being scrapbooking and teaching. Since I have blogs for my other two loves, I figured it was time to start a blog about the books that I love. I also started reading and posting reviews for NetGalley and wanted some place else to post my reviews.

5. How many books do you think you read a month (ballpark)? 

As a teacher, I do most of my reading in the summer. During the month and a half that I have off in the summer and during my other breaks, I read at least a book a day and sometimes more.  During the school year, I’m lucky to read one book a week.

6. Do you have any reading “pet peeves” (things that make you fling a book across the room as soon as you see them)? 

This is a hard one…I guess when an author keeps bringing something up over and over again. Like some character trait that the hero or heroine have. I sometimes think to myself, “OK, I’ve got it already. Stop mentioning it so often!”

7. Paperback or eBook? 

Can I say both? I do enjoy reading books on my Kindle, but I’m the type of reader that goes to the back of the book to read what happens and that is a little harder to do with an e-book.

8. If authors want to contact you to review their books, how should they do it? And do you have any rules for them (no eBooks, only eBooks, only new releases, etc)? 

They can e-mail me at digibyamy (at) att (dot) net. No rules, as long as it is a historical novel I’m game! Although I do like time-travel books as long as part of the story is historical and not jumping into the future.

Just for fun:

1. What is your favorite word? I honestly don’t think I have one. 

2. Biggest vice? Sweets, hands down!

3. Cat or Dog Person?  Neither, I’m allergic to both!

4. Biggest fear? Heights…but that doesn’t stop me from doing things.  I bungee jumped many moons ago and would love to jump from an airplane.

5. Astrological symbol? Aries

6. What are you most proud of? The thousands of children whose lives I have impacted over the years. I still keep in contact with many of them.

7. Favorite color? Purple and pink

Thanks go out to Jess Michaels for guest blogging!  I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better.  Until next time!


  1. Loved the idea of this blog, since I am also a literary blogger, and historical romance addicted reader ehehe.

    I found the blog trough Jess Michaels Facebook. So Amy, if you need a partnership from Portugal, meet my blog Os Livros Nossos (Our books) not only but also with historical novels reviews and author interviews.

  2. Hey Amy! I'm aries as well! :)

    Congrats on your new blog! Although my blog is focused more on romance, I tend to review a lot of historical romance as it is my fave genre... :)

    and you are a member of Sabrina's as well! LOL small world! :)

    I also blog at

    1. I will definitely chick out your blog! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great post. Amy congrats on you new blog.