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The Art of Taming a Rake by Nicole Jordan

The Art of Taming a Rake by Nicole Jordan

This is book 4 in the Legendary Lovers series.

When Venetia Stratham learns that the notorious Quinn Wilde, Earl of Treherne, is courting her sister, she returns from her exile in France to make sure is sister is not hurt like she was. Dressing up as a man, she confronts Quinn at a gentleman's club, demanding that he stop courting her sister. What she didn't count on was the attraction she felt for him as soon as he was in her site.

Quinn feels bad about what happened all those years ago to Venetia and was only trying to help out her family by courting her sister. By showing interest in her, he hoped to attract more men to vie for her hand. Quinn has no interest in Venetia, only in her. He has been attracted to her since they became acquainted, but wasn't about to poach on his friend's territory.

When Venetia gets caught up in someone trying to kill Quinn, they must marry to save her reputation. Can this marriage of convience turn into one based on love?

I really enjoyed Venetia and Quinn's story.  I mentioned when I reviewed Secrets of Seduction, that I didn't think it was as well written as Jordan's other books. This book was definitely better written than SoS. 

Venetia is trying to fight her attraction for Quinn because she feels like he is just like her former fiancee and isn't about to get her heart broken again. Quinn and her former fiancee were best friends and she can't imagine that Quinn is any different.

Quinn had never planned on getting his heart involved after getting it broken once before, but once he realizes he is in love with Venetia, he has to convience her that what he feels for her is real. Unfortunately, she doesn't believe that he can ever be faithful, so it takes a lot of work on Quinn's part to convience her.

I'm looking forward to the next book in the series which is featuring Kate, the last remaining cousin.

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Thanks go out to Random House via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.
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