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You're the Earl That I Want by Kelly Bowen

You're the Earl That I Want by Kelly Bowen

This is book 3 in the Lords of Worth series.

Heath Hextall, the Earl of Boden, has decided it is time to get married. With the scandals that have followed his family, he decides he needs an even-tempered wife that can take care of his household and bring some respectability to his family. His best friend, the Duke of Worth, finds the perfect candidate whom Heath immediately starts to court.

Lady Josephine (Joss) Somerhall, the Duke of Worth's sister, is back in town after traveling the world for many years. Having known Joss as a little girl, Heath is intrigued by the woman she has become. They are completely wrong for each other (Joss doesn't want the restraint a marriage would put on her and she definitely is not the even-tempered wife that Heath is looking for), but they can't seem to fight the attraction that sizzles between them whenever they are in the same room together.

Will marriage to each other allow Joss the freedom she wants and give Heath the respectability he desires?

LOVED this story!! Joss was a refreshing heroine that didn't follow society's dictates and Heath was not your typical lord. 

Joss was the perfect woman to match a man with a title to wasn't meant to be his. A respectable gentleman of the ton would have squashed Joss's personality and she would have been miserable (hence her desire not to get married!) Heath thought he wanted a nice, biddable wife that would bring him the respect that he thought he should receive now that he had the title. He thought that it would wash away the taint of being a merchant. They soon realize that they need each other for more than their attraction to one another.

I hope that Bowen is not done with this series, as I have found that it is one of my favorites to date!

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Thanks go out to Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley for a copy of the in exchange of an honest review.

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