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The Leading Lady by Deb Marlowe

The Leading Lady by Deb Marlowe

This is book 2 in the Half Moon House Series

Miss Callie Grant is on a mission to find her sister. She is taken aback when she is told she must work with Lord Truitt (Tru) Russell to do so. Callie and Tru had had run-ins before and she doesn't think they can work together, especially when she find out that they are to pose as husband and wife.

Tru is determined to restore his honor. The only way he can do so is to help capture the man that destroyed him, Lord Marstoke. Reluctantly agreeing to work with Callie, he soon learns that what he thought about her might not be true. He also does his best to make Callie see him in a new light.

Could this faux marriage turn into one in truth?

I had hoped that Tru would get his own story and Marlowe didn't disappoint. It was nice to see that under all that troubled exterior, there was a very nice man trying to get out.

We discover many hidden depths of both Callie and Tru whom we met in The Love List. It was pure joy watching Callie and Tru pretend to be married and falling in love in the process. Once they let each other in, they were finally able to see the true person behind the facade that each of them had in place.

I've really enjoyed the Half Moon House series and can't wait to see what Marlowe has in store for us next.

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Thanks go out to Night Shift Publishing via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.
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