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Too Dangerous For a Lady by Jo Beverley

Too Dangerous For a Lady by Jo Beverley

This is book 16 in the Company of Rogues series.

Six years ago, Lady Hermione Merryhew's heart was stolen by the dashing Lieutenant Mark Thayne. They parted before Mark could steal a kiss, but she never forgot him. She never imagined that the next time she would see him, he would barge into her room at an inn trying to get away from the people he stole from. Even thinking him a fugitive thief, she can't help but hope to finally get that kiss.

Mark, now Viscount Faringay, doesn't like that Hermione thinks that he is a thief, but he can't blow his undercover persona. He has infiltrated a group of revolutionaries that plan to wreak havoc on London and he must do what he can to stop them.

As they spend time together, they quickly realize that they are each other's better half. But will the revolutionaries keep them apart?

I've been a fan of Jo Beverley for years and with each new story she delights me even more. I love her series books because you get to visit your favorites over and over again.
I really liked Hermione and Mark. Even when her family had fallen on hard times, Hermione made the best of her life. Living with her sister, wouldn't have been her first choice but you do what you have to do to survive.  Mark felt like he had to help squash the revolutionaries because of what had happened to his mother. He didn't necessarily like his role, but it had to be done. They are both fighters, doing what they think right.

I liked that Hermione and Mark had both carried a talisman to remind them of the other since their departure. It showed that even though they only had that short time together, she each felt the connection that would eventually bring them back together again.

I really hope that this is not the end of the Rogues. But even if it is, I eagerly await to see what Beverley has in store for us next.

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Thanks go out to Penguin Group for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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  1. lovely review!! I really love this author as well, and you have me really excited to read this one. Hermione sounds like a great heroine though.

    1. I've loved Jo Beverley for years!! She did tell me that there would be more Rogue books in the future!! Thanks for stopping by!