Monday, November 10, 2014

Wicked Designs by Lauren Smith

Wicked Designs by Lauren Smith

This is book 1 in the League of Rogues series.

Miss Emily Parr can't believe that she has just been kidnapped.  She soon learns that Godric St. Laurent, the Duke of Essex, has taken her to get her uncle to pay him the money that he stole. She does anything in her power to get away from Godric and his friends.

Godric kidnapped Emily for the sole purpose of getting his money back. He never imagined that he would be so attracted to her.  Having long decided that he would never marry, he wants to make Emily his mistress. Knowing that marriage is the only way to salvage her reputation, Emily refuses to become his mistress. Godric doesn't give up and Emily is soon in his bed.

Godric claims that Emily is too good for him. Can she convince him that their love is worth fighting for?

This was a wonderful introduction to what I predict will be a tremendous series. The men that make up the League of Rogues will intrigue and delight you.

I loved Emily and Godric together. The chemistry between them practically jumped off the page. I loved that Emily played down how smart she was. This enabled her to make her escape attempts.  Of course, the League was able to get her each time, but this just intrigued Godric even more.  

I loved that Smith allowed us to get to know the other League members. Because of this, I'll have to read the other books as they become available. I'm already invested in their lives!! She also gives us some hints as to who she might pair up in the future and this has me eagerly awaiting the next in the series.

Next up is Lucien, the Marquess of Rochester.  His lady of choice is Honoria Sheridan one of his friend's sisters. Will he break one of the League's rules to get the girl? Find out when Wicked Seduction comes out tomorrow!!

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