Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Lady's Disgrace by Callie Hutton

The Lady's Disgrace by Callie Hutton.

This is book 3 in the Marriage Mart Mayhem series.

Lady Abigail Lacey is the laughingstock of London after being jilted by her betrothed.  Her brother, the Duke of Manchester is determined to set things right. He needs to find her a new husband and get her out of London.

Rector Joseph Fox never imagined that he would be asked to marry Abigail when he stopped to visit Manchester intending to see about a donation for his school. Knowing that he would never be good enough for the daughter of a Duke, Joseph has never acted on his attraction to Abigail.

After being jilted and having her heart broken, Abigail is determined never to marry for love. Joseph is the perfect choice for her. Their marriage would be a marriage of convenience:  no passion or physical pleasures after an heir was conceived. 

What happens when Joseph decides he wants more out of his marriage?

I was really looking forward to Abigail's story and was excited to see her paired with Joseph.  I loved both of them in The Duke's Quandary.

Even though Joseph and Abigail had known each other their whole lives, Hutton does a wonderful job of showing their growing relationship. One going from friends to lovers. She also did a wonderful job of adding a little mystery to the mix (won't say more, I don't want to spoil it!!).

Definitely one for the keeper shelf!

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