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Return of the Highland Laird by Amy Jarecki

Return of the Highland Laird by Amy Jarecki.

This is book 4 in the Highland Force series.

Lady Jane is in hiding after killing her husband. After years of being beaten by him, she finally had enough. Unfortunately others didn't see it as self defense. She had resigned herself to a solitary life. That is until a highlander lands himself on her doorstep almost dead.

Laird Alexander, blaming himself for his wife's accidental death, set out on one of his boats to spend time reflecting on his life.  Getting caught in a storm, he is lucky to reach land. Too bad it was English land where he is beaten , left for dead, and all his belongings taken.

Too broken souls come together, but can they heal each other to find that everlasting love?

I will say that I didn't really care for Alexander in Beauty and the Barbarian, but Jarecki redeemed him in my eyes. This is a story of two battered and bruised souls finding their other half and starting the healing process.

Jarecki does a great job of showing Jane going through the healing process and coming out a stronger person.  I also think that having Alexander forced to do manual labor sort of humbled him a bit.

I really hope that Jarecki is not done with this series as I have really enjoyed it!

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Thanks go to Rapture Books via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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  1. Hi Amy! Thank you for taking the time to write this wonderful review! I wanted to leave a note to tell you how much I appreciate all your reviews. Though I don't have another Highland Force book planned, I never say never. Next year the Highland Dynasty Series will start hitting the shelves. I'm very excited about it. The first book is about Colin Campbell, aka The Black Knight of Rome, and his arranged marriage with Margaret Robinson. It should be fun!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Amy!! I have loved your other books, so I'm looking forward to the new series!