Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why Lords Lose Their Hearts by Manda Collins

Why Lords Lose Their Hearts by Manda Collins.

This is book 3 in the Wicked Widows series.

Someone is out to do harm to Perdita, the widowed Duchess of Ormond. The person blames her for the Duke's death. Having already been through threatening situations with her sister and best friend, Perdita is not surprised when the villain sets his eyes on her. But when the threats start happening in public, she realizes that she must turn to someone for help. 

The logical choice is Lord Archer Lisle.  Archer was the personal secretary of the former Duke and has been in love with her for years.  When Perdita refuses to leave London for her safety, Archer resorts to kidnapping her.

Archer just wants to keep Perdita safe, but can she overlook his high handness to find an everlasting love?

I would definitely read the other two books in the series before reading this one. Not that you have to. You will still enjoy this one but the story will be much more meaningful if you do.

Throughout the other two books, we know that Archer and Perdita have feelings for each other but neither of them have ever said anything to the other.  Part of what I liked about his book was all the needling that the secondary characters (H/H from other books) gave the two of them. Everyone knew how the two of them felt about each other, but they would just not tell each other.  I was happy to see the villain finally caught and was very surprised to find out who it was.

I'll definitely miss these three couples. There is a novella coming out to finish off the series, so I hope we get to see them again.

Thanks go to St. Martin via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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