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Rogue with a Brogue by Suzanne Enoch

Rogue with a Brogue by Suzanne Enoch.

This is book 2 in the Scandalous Highlanders series.

Grabbing the masked vixen, Arran MacLawry was only trying to get out of dancing with his sister's friend. Little did he know that he was dancing with the enemy.

Mary Campbell, knew that she was dancing with a MacLawry.  But when she figured out that he did know she was a Campbell, it was too good of a chance to dance on the wild side.  She had only heard bad things about the rival clan and wanted to see for herself what all the talk was.

Upon learning identity of the vixen he danced with, Arran sets out to confront her. Little did he know that even with knowing she was his enemy, the attraction he felt for her was still there. Even more surprising, was that it was mutual.
What will these two enemies do when they find that they just can't stay away from each other? 

LOVED this story!! I've been a fan of Suzanne Enoch for many years and she did not disappoint with this new series. The whole MacLawry family has a distain for London (except for Rowena) and when she runs off the family follows.  When you have two Highland rogues in London, mayhem ensues.

Arran watched his brother fall in love with an English woman and can't believe that he did that to the family. So when he falls for someone in an enemy clan, he has to wonder if he was too hard on his brother.  I really liked Arran and Mary together.  I loved all their sneaking around to be together as it kept me wondering what they would do next. Each of them were willing to go against their clan just to see if there was something more than just a physical attraction between them. They were willing to over look the history of the clans, to find true love.

Rowena and Lachlan's story is next. I don't think I can wait until March 2015 to read it.  Ugh!

You can find this book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Thanks go to St. Martin's Press via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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