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Duke of Darkness by Anabelle Bryant

Duke of Darkness by Anabelle Bryant.

This is book two in the series. You can read about book 1 HERE.

The Duke of Wharncliffe, Devlin Ravensdale, has just learned that his last living relative has just passed away.  Her last request was to have Devlin take care of her ward, Alex, and arrange a suitable marriage. When Devlin arrives to do just that, he learns that his ward is not a young boy but a beautiful marriage young lady.

Alexandra (Lexi as Devlin calls her) is not happy about being put into another man's care. She ran away from home when her father tried to marry her off, she don't want someone else doing it to her again. After losing a bet to Devlin, Lexi agrees to be taken to London to find a husband.

With the help of a friend and his sister, Devlin ventures back into society to launch Lexi only to be reminded why he rarely returned to the social scene.  He endures because he is determined to fulfill his aunt's last wish. But what happens when Devlin decides that he wants Lexi for himself?

We met Devlin in the previous story and the only thing we really know about him is that he doesn't venture out into society very often. But I really liked is easy going relationship with the other characters so I was intrigued enough to really want to read his story.  Bryant did not disappoint.

Lexi is perfect for Devlin. She wants to marry someone that she loves. Her father already tried to marry her off once before and she ran away instead of following his wishes.  Her attraction to Devlin is almost instantaneous upon meeting him and she feels like he feels the same way.  She goes along with his plan to find her a husband knowing all along that he is the man for her. She just needs to convience him.

Even though Devlin is falling for Lexi, he doesn't think that he would make her a good husband. He thinks madness runs in his family and couldn't do that to her.  Lexi does everything in her power to convience him otherwise.

I really hope that Bryant continues with this series as I would love to see what happens to the secondary characters!

You can get this book at Amazon.

Thanks go out to Carina UK via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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