Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Crimson Heart by Heather McCollum

Crimson Heart by Heather McCollum.

This is book 3 in the Highland Hearts series.

Searc Munro comes from a family of healers and when his killing magic is revealed he leaves his family in disgrace. While making his way to Edinburgh, he encounters a lady being robbed by thieves.  After rescuing her, he offers to escort her to Edinburgh and her cousin.

With no family to speak of, Elena has nowhere else to go but to her "cousin" in Edinburgh. But upon meeting her "cousin", Searc thinks he is up to no good and stays on as Elena's protector.

One thing leads to another and Elena and Searc must act like they are married.  Their growing attraction to each other makes it hard to not consumate the relationship, making it a marriage in truth. 

Searc know that Elena is keeping secrets from him, but since he has some of his own he doesn't press her for answers.  What will happen when they finally learn the secrets the other has been holding back?

Again, McCollum has hit it out of the ballpark with her story.  She writes with just the right amount of intrigue, humor, and romance to satisfy any readers tastes.

Having "known" Searc since he was a young child, it was hard to see that he thought his magic was evil. Elena was the perfect match to get Searc to see his magic for what it truly was, a gift and not a curse.

I really hope that McCollum is not done with this series as I am definitely not ready to stop reading about these families!

You can get this book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Thanks go to Entangled Publishing via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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