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Desiring Lady Caro by Ella Quinn

Desiring Lady Caro by Ella Quinn.

This is book 4 in the Marriage Game series.

Gervais, the Earl of Huntley, is not ready to fall into the parson's mousetrap that all of his friends seem to be falling into. He flees England for a tour of Europe. He ends his tour in Venice to have a stay with his Aunt, Lady Horatia.

Lady Caroline Martindale has fled England and has spent the last several years living with her godmother. When Huntley arrives at Lady Horatia's home, Caroline is not prepared to be in such close proximity to a man and does everything in her power to stay away from him.

Unfortunately, Caroline has an unwanted suitor. Caroline, Huntley and Horatia are forced to flee.  What will Caroline do when she is forced to travel alone with Huntley?

Ella Quinn has not gotten great reviews from me in the past. I've felt that her writing lacked some of the polish that a lot of my current favorites have.  Having said that, I think that this novel shows growth in her writing.  The beginning of the novel had me doubting the fact that I picked up another one of her books, but the second half redeemed it. 

I've always enjoyed the story lines of Quinn's novels and this was no exception. We've met Huntley in previous novels and I always enjoy when those secondary characters I love get their own story.  He figures out early on why Caroline doesn't like men and does everything in his power to not be like the other men she has encountered.  Huntley is one of those men you hope to meet in real life!!

Caroline has basically decided that she will never marry after the incident in England and is amazed by the way that Huntley treats her. She is afraid to let down her guard, thinking that as soon as she does Huntley's true colors will come out. Huntley is the perfect match for her and seeing their romance blossom was sheer pleasure.

You can get this book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kensington Books, and iBooks.

Thanks go to Kensington Books via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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