Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kisses She Wrote by Katharine Ashe

Kisses She Wrote by Katharine Ashe.

This novella is book 1.5 in the Prince Catchers series.

Princess Jacqueline of Sensaire is forever scribbling in her journal, but it's not until she meets Cam Westfield, the Earl of Bedwyr that things get interesting.

Just like all the ladies that meet Earl of Bedwyr, Jacqueline has developed a crush. She is a very shy girl and whenever she is in the presence of him she can barely speak get two words out of her mouth. 

But that is not the case inside her journal and in her dreams. She writes about a romance that she can only hope to have in her dreams. She lives out her fantasies about her and Cam.

Unfortunately for Jacqueline, Cam finds her journal and reads those fantasies. Cam is inspired to get to know Jacqueline better and get back to the poetry he once wrote. As Cam tries to get Jacqueline to open up, she thrives on the attention and comes out of her shell.

Both are being pressured by their families to marry and not to each other. Can they overcome these obstacles to find their happily ever after with each other?

I really enjoyed this novella. During a time when you did what your family required of you, it was nice to see two people go after what they wanted in life (especially a princess!).  Ashe does a wonderful job of telling a compelling story in such few words! I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

You can get this book at Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and Barnes & Noble.
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