Monday, August 5, 2013

The Duchess War by Courtney Milan

The Duchess War by Courtney Milan.

This is the first book in The Brothers Sinister Series. There was a prequel novella, which you can read about HERE.

Minerva is hiding out in the library when she encounters Robert Blaisdell. She has a few words with him, but quickly leaves keeping with the wall flower persona she has developed.  Later, she is introduced to her mystery man and finds out that he is the Duke of Clermont.

Later, she is accused of writing sedition pamphlets by her best friend's fiancée. After thinking about it, she comes to the conclusion that the real author of those pamphlets is none other than the Duke of Clermont.

Robert is trying to right the wrongs that his father created. He feels that the only way to do this is to write the pamphlets. He knows that with his position in society, he will not be charged with a crime.

With knowledge in hand, Minerva approaches Robert. She is going to blackmail him with what she knows because she is hiding secrets of her own and is afraid of being exposed.

We see both characters struggle with their identity and eventually come to terms with who they are.

The secondary characters in the novel were a joy to read and I eagerly await their stories.

Lydia and Dr. Jonas in A Kiss for Midwinter (out now)
Oliver in The Heiress Effect (out now)
Sebastian in The Countess Conspiracy (Dec. 2013)

One thing that I really LOVED in this story was the banter between Minerva and Robert. There were multiple times where I was laughing out loud. That is one of the important details that really makes a story for me.

You purchase this book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble,  All Romance,  Smashwords, iTunes, and Diesel.

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