Sunday, August 18, 2013

Loving the Marquess by Suzanna Medeiros

Loving the Marquess by Suzanna Medeiros.

This is book one in the Landing a Lord series. There is actually a prequel novella titled Dancing with the Duke.

I really liked this book and stayed up reading until three in the morning.

Louisa, her sister and her brother are barely making it. Their father gambled away their home and fortune with the help of an unscrupulous man.

One night, a stranger comes to their door hardly able to stand. Louisa is the only one up at that time of the night and quickly takes care of the situation. In the morning, Louisa finds out that the stranger is the head of the family that ruined hers. The stranger, the Marquess of Overlea, leaves after recovering and tells Louisa to call on him if she ever has need of anything.

Well, or course, Louisa has a need to get back in contact with Overlea. The Marquess's cousin is the landlord of Louisa's property. He has told her that they need to come up with the rent (or another way to "pay") or they will be forced to leave their cottage. Overlea's grandmother has given him an ultimatum to marry. When Louisa goes to Overlea for help, he suggests marriage. It solves both their problems.

What follows are the trials and tribulations of a marriage of convience. But add to that the added ingredient of Overlea trying to get his best friend, Kerrick, to father his baby as he doesn't want his heir to have the same disease he does. I loved Kerrick and can't wait for his story.

This story is out now. You can get it at the following stores.

Thanks go to NetGalley for the free copy of the book for exchange of an honest review.

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