Only a Marquess Will Do by Tamara Gill

Victoria had a disaster of a first marriage and never wants to marry again. But when her brother's best friend has decided that it is time to marry, she offers her help in getting over his shyness when he is with others. What she hadn't counted on was falling for him herself.

Albert has been in love with Victoria for years. When she offers to help him find the perfect spouse, he believes he can use the time to make her realize that he is the one for her. Can he convince her to take a second chance at marriage?

Cocky Viscount by Annabelle Anders

Felicity knew who she was to marry her whole life. But on the night that he proposed to another, she decides to take matters into her own hands. And that might just be into the hands of another man...

When Axel sees Felicity so devastated, he can't help but offer her comfort. But what starts out as comfort, goes so much further...

What will come of their night of passion. While neither planned what happened, they can't seem to forget it either...

Uncaging the Silent Songbird by Ava Devlin

Kit has been tasked to go into London with Gigi to undertake a mission for the Silver Leaf Society. Having never wanted more than to stay at home and work his orchards, this is new territory for him. It also puts him in close proximity to Gigi, who he find himself very attracted to.

Gigi is excited to finally do something for the Silver Leaf Society. Add to the mix a handsome man to help on the mission and it makes it that much more enjoyable.

Can these two complete their mission and find their HEA with each other?

One Thing Leads to a Lover by Susanna Craig

Amanda is a respectable widow living a simple, quiet life. But life has become a bit dull...that is until she encounters a book that is more than what it appears to be.

Langley has been tasked with getting the code book back from Amanda, but he keeps running into issues. When he becomes aware of the danger she is in, he goes undercover as a servant in her household.

The more time they spend together, the closer they get. Can the countess and the intelligence officer get their HEA?

THe Highlander's Rescued Maiden by Anna Campbell

When Will washes ashore on a rocky island, he never imagines that he would find the captive maiden that he has heard so much about. He also didn't imagine having a gun pulled on him. But once he had established that he meant the woman no harm, he was allowed into her tower. With a storm hitting the island, he couldn't be on his way. But truth be told, he didn't want to leave...

Ellen hasn't spent time with someone other than her servants in years, so when Will shows up she in intrigued. She has turned away other suiters, but there is something about Will that makes her want to know more about him.

Can Will rescue his maiden and live happily ever after?

Someone Wanton His Way Comes by Christi Caldwell

Sylvia, a widow, has set her mind to saving young ladies from the fate that she endured during her marriage. She, along with two of her friends, start the Mismatch Society. While one of their purposes is to make women aware of their options, they do other good works. But society only sees one part of their organization. When Clayton comes back into her life, they come up with a way to use him to their advantage.

When Clayton is tasked with talking to the leader of the Mismatch Society, he didn't realize that it was the woman that he loved and had walked away from. When he is asked to join the society, he at first turns them down. But he soon changes his mind when he realizes that he can fulfill the wish of the lady's husband by looking after her. What he doesn't count on is learning that he still have feelings for her.

While Sylvia is determined that she will never marry again, will being around Clayton again change her mind?

The Duke Undone by Joanna Lowell

When Lucy finds a naked man passed out drunk in an alley, she does what she can to make the man comfortable. But she can't seem to get him out of her mind and ends up painting his image on a canvas and selling it. But not knowing who the man really is, is what causes the problems...

Anthony never expected to become the duke, but when his brother passes away, he become the heir. When it comes his time to inherit, he father has many rules that can't be broken. One of which is that there can be no scandal. This portrait of him could ruin his chances of getting his inheritance. He sets out to find the painter and is surprised to learn who it is...

Both Lucy and Anthony have problems that the other can help with, so they end up spending a lot of time together. Can this mix matched couple find their HEA?