Highland Awakening by Jennifer Haymore

Highland Awakening by Jennifer Haymore

This is book 2 in the Highland Knights series, but it also connects to the House of Trent series.

Lady Esme Hawkins has many secrets, including the fact that she writes racy romance novels. Trying to get information for her newest novel, she visits a notorious bordello where she meets Camden McLeod.

Camden, a Highland Knight, was on a job protecting another, when he meets Esme. Instantly intrigued, he can't help but kiss her.  When he learns that Esme is actually the sister of the Duke of Trent, he knows that he must change some aspects of his current life. He also needs to get rid of Esme's pesky fiancee. 

Can Camden get Esme to see that they are meant for each other before she marries another?

I've been waiting for Esme's story for a long time and Haymore did not disappoint!! I also loved that she tied one of my favorite series (House of Trent) in with the Highland Knights series. It was like visiting with old friends.

I really liked that once Camden decided what he wanted, he went after it. He didn't always do it in the right way, which almost cost him Esme, but I love his determination to have her in his life.

I loved seeing this other side to Esme. We knew that there was more to her than what we had seen in the other House of Trent books, so it was nice to 'meet' the real Esme!

I'm excited to to read the next book in the Highland Knights series, Highland Temptation, which stars Colin Stirling. It comes out in August, 2016.

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Thanks go out to Random House via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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  1. Oh, I started House of Trent & never finished it. This sounds like a good one!

    1. I really like the House of Trent series, I'd definitely recommend it! Thanks for stopping by!