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The Danger in Daring a Lady by Emma Locke

The Danger in Daring a Lady by Emma Locke

This is book 4 in the Naughty Girls series.

Lord Darius Alexander can't pass up a wager even when he has no money of his own. Talked into playing one last hand of card, he bets the bank note that his brother has give him. Unfortunately he lost...

Caitlin Hart is relieved to have won that last hand at the table. She now has the money to hire help at her farm to bring in the harvest. She didn't count on the man that lost the money to try and get it back from her. The come up with a compromise. He will work off the debt on her farm. When that debt is paid, she will give the bank note back to him.

Caitlin didn't count on falling for Darius. Can her feelings ever mount to anything when she is just a country farm girl and the object of her desire is a lord?

I enjoyed this story. It is not your run of the mill storyline (which I seem to be saying a lot lately, but that is a good thing!) for historical romance. I do like it when there is a class difference that must be overcome in the story as it as another dimension to the tale.

Darius was the typical aristocrat at the beginning of the story (all high and mighty). He seriously thought that Caitlin would give him his money back when he explained the situation to her. But as the story progresses we see that he is growing into a man that could be admired and worth the love of a woman.

I'm looking forward to the next book in the Naughty Girls series! 

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Thanks go out to Intrepid Reads via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.
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