How to Please a Lady by Jane Goodger

How to Please a Lady by Jane Goodger

This is book 2 in the Lost Heiresses series.

Lady Rose Dunford, a widow who has recently lost her husband, is shocked by the number of women that are seen coming and going from her new neighbor's brownstone. But having heard their activities next door, she finds herself intrigued by the going ons and wants to meet the bachelor that moved in. When she finally does, she is shocked to learn that she already knows the man. He once worked for her father and was the person that helped her leave England when her father was forcing her  into an arranged marriage.

Charlie Avery has finally made something of himself. Once the head groom at Rose's family home, he fell in love with the young lady of the house. He left England to get away from her, knowing that he would never be good enough for her. He never imagined that she would end up in America with him. 

Now that Charlie has made something of himself, can he win the hand of the only woman he has ever loved?

I really liked this story and fell in love a little with Charlie myself! I loved that he was there for Rose no matter what happened. Even though he knew that he would never have her, he didn't let that stop him from protecting her and doing what was best for her, even when it wasn't what he wanted. Sigh...

I'm looking forward to reading the next book in Goodger's Lost Heiresses series!

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Thanks go out to Kensington Books via NetGalley for a free book in exchange of an honest review.

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