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Good Earl Gone Bad by Manda Collins

Good Earl Gone Bad by Manda Collins

This is book 2 in the Lords of Anarchy series.

Hermione Upperton is devastated when her father wagers her matched pair and loses them in a card game, but that doesn't even begin to compare to how she feels when she learns that he bet her hand in marriage and lost to the Earl of Mainwaring. The man is a infamous gambler just like her father and he has made his opinion very clear on how he feels about her driving and belonging to the Lords of Anarchy driving club.

Jasper Fawley knows how devastated Hermione will be when he witnesses her father losing her matched pair. He also knows that her father will soon have nothing else to bet but the hand of his daughter, so he approaches him with an offer and wins Hermione with a few turns of the card.
Can they make this marriage work when it starts out so poorly?

LOVED this story! I had a feeling that Collins would pair Hermione and Jasper while I was reading A Good Rake is Hard to Find. Then when I found out that she was, I couldn't believe that I had to wait 7 months to read their story. The wait was definitely worth it though!!

Hermione and Jasper are known for their bickering between each other and Collins continues it with their story, which I loved!! On top of the romance story we also have a mystery to be solved which added another layer and excitement to the story.

The next book in the series stars Ophelia Dauntry and Piers Hamilton, the Duke of Trent. I love that this series revolves around three best friends falling for three other best friends!!  That means we get to see all the couples with each story and start to see the relationships building between the couples!

April is a long time away...hope I can make it that long!!

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Thanks go out to St. Martin's Press for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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