Tuesday, July 7, 2015

To Tame the Wind by Regan Walker

To Tame the Wind by Regan Walker

This is a prequel to the Agents of the Crown series.

Having lived her life inside the walls of the Saint-Denis convent, Claire Donet had no idea her father was a pirate. So when Simon Powell steals her away in retaliation of something her father did, she is taken by complete surprise.

Simon is furious that his ship and crew have been taken. In hopes of getting both back, he takes the one thing that means more than anything to the thief...his daughter. Simon didn't count on finding a mutual attraction with his captive.

Knowing that he will never get his crew and ship back if he gives into his passions, Simon fights what could be his toughest battle yet.

I really liked the storyline, but the writing was not as strong as the previous book I'd read by Walker. Maybe she was trying to convey an innocence in Claire which she tried to convey in her dialogue, but it just didn't satisfy me as a reader. It turned me off from the whole story. I usually devour a story in one or two sittings, but this one I could put it down and did...

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Thanks go out to Regan Walker for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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