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The Best of Both Rogues by Samantha Grace

The Best of Both Rogues by Samantha Grace

This is book 3 in the Rival Rogues story.

Lady Eve Thorne was devastated when Mr Benjamin Hillary left her at the alter. She has finally given up hope of his return and is about to get engaged when he shows back up in London. She is doing her best to not let his presence interrupt her life, but everytime she sees him she realizes that her love for him has not changed.

The worst thing Ben ever did was to give up Eve. Now he must convince her that he is the right man for her. He even goes so far as to approach her fiancee to help him.
Can Ben win back the love that he walked away from?

LOVED this story! I have read any of the other Hillary stories (Beau Monde series), but after reading this one I'm going to have to go back and read about Ben's brothers and sisters.

While reading In Bed with a Rogue, I felt so sorry for Eve. I hoped that Grace would give Eve her HEA because Ben was such a fiend for leaving her. So having read the previous book in the series, I didn't like Ben much at the beginning. But he quickly grew on me as I saw his love for Eve shine through in everything he did. 

Throughout the book, we see Eve struggle with what she knows she should do and what her heart is telling her she needs to do.  It's hard to give up that first love!

I kinda fell in love with Jonathan (Eve's fiance) toward the end of the book and hope that Grace gives up his story in the future! He deserves his HEA too!

Can't wait to see what Grace gives up next!

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Thanks go out to Sourcebooks for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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