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Twice a Texas Bride by Linda Broday

Twice a Texas Bride by Linda Broday

This is book 2 in the Bachelors of Battle Creek series.

Callie Quinn is running for her life. Hot on her trail is her nephew's father. Having promised her sister to take care of her son, Callie makes her way back to her childhood home in hopes of finding the means to disappear.

Finding a young woman and boy in his barn, Rand Sinclair opens his home to the pair. Needing a housekeeper, Rand offers them a place to stay in exchange of her services. Having decided never to marry, Rand is dismayed to find himself falling for Callie.

Callie can't risk getting close to Rand when her and her nephews lives are in danger. But is she willing to give up what could be a once in a lifetime love?

I was excited to return to Battle Creek and learn more about the "brothers". I think the bond between them is actually stronger than blood brothers because they chose to be brothers to each other. That shows in the relationship that Broday has developed in the stories.

Having been left alone at a young age, Rand developed a shell around himself and didn't let anyone in except his "brothers". When he learns that his mother is alive (Texas Mail Order Bride), I think that he ends up retreating even further into that shell in hopes of not getting hurt again.  Upon meeting Callie, he is immediately attracted to her. Knowing his decision about marriage, he doesn't want to give her false hope. He lays his cards on the table and hopes that she accepts what he has to offer.

Callie has had nothing but hardship from the men in her life and doesn't think Rand will be any better. With nowhere else to turn, she takes him up on his offer of a place to stay. She slowly begins to trust him and feelings other than gratitude emerge.

I loved watching these two overcome their past hurts and grow together as a couple. I can't wait to read the last book in the series, although I'll be sad that it is over...

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Thanks go out to Sourcebooks via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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  1. I enjoyed watching these two come together as well...and it got pretty suspenseful at the end which was fun. I am starting to love this new author. Lovely review you have here.

  2. Hi Renee........I apologize for the late response. Life has been crazy lately. Thank you for your comment. I'm so happy that you liked Rand's and Callie's love story. They were such wounded characters and at times during the writing of the story I broke down in sobs. They fought so hard for each and for these innocent children that got caught up in the horror of Nate Fleming.

    I hope you enjoy Brett's story that's coming December. I saved the best for last. Thank you again for coming.

  3. Thank you, Historical Romance Lover! For the review and for having me. The warm welcome thrilled my heart as did your kind words about Twice a Texas Bride. I knew when I wrote Rand into Texas Mail Order Bride that he would have a powerful story to tell. But it was a surprise to me how fiercely he'd love and fight for the woman who stole his heart. And for the children who gave him the family he wanted so desperate but was afraid to hope for.

    I appreciate you letting me present this newest to your readers. Thank you so much.