Tuesday, May 12, 2015

No Gentleman for Georgina by Jess Michaels

No Gentleman for Georgina by Jess Michaels

This is book 4 in the Notorious Flynns series.

Georgina Hickson has spent her life doing what her family wants in order to secure a titled husband. When she meets Paul Abbot at a friend's gathering, she sees something that she wants for herself. But knowing that nothing can come of it, she settles for occasionally talking to him at parties.

Paul has been in love with Georgina since he laid eyes on her. When she offers him the opportunity to spend more time with her, he jumps at the chance. Taking Georgina to the wax museum, offers them a chance to get to know each other that polite conversation in a crowded ballroom would never allow.

What happens when they finally are able to spend time alone without the prying eyes of the ton.

Having gotten to know Paul while reading The Scoundrel's Lover, I was excited to read his story.  Michaels did not disappoint. I would definitely recommend reading the other books in the series before reading this one as you get insight into the characters that you really can't get with a novella because of its length (this one is pretty short, too).

If you are looking for a quick, sensual read, this is the book for you!

I can't wait for the next book in the series, A Marquis for Mary, which comes out in June.

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Thanks go out to Jess Michaels via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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