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Season of Love by Leanne Tyler

Season of Love by Leanne Tyler

This is book 1 in the Devereaux series.

Holly Marcum is trying on a restored dress for her birthday celebration when she falls and bumps her head. When she wakes up, she finds herself being accused of being a thief and 150 years in the past.

Jeremiah Deveraux can't believe that he caught a woman trying to steal the dress of a wealthy client out of his store room. He immediately has his sister, Tabitha, call for the constable.  When he arrives, he questions Holly and she swears that the dress is hers and that she was not trying to steal anything.

The doctor comes and examines Holly's head wound and determines that she needs to rest for a few days. Jeremiah reluctantly agrees but knows that he can keep a better eye on her while she is there. Tabitha quickly becomes attached to Holly and when she suddenly gets sick Tabitha nurses her back to health.

Jeremiah finds himself drawn to Holly, but an incident from his past colors his view of women. He is constantly bickering with Holly and does not trust her at all given his past experiences.Tabitha and her aunt think that Jeremiah and Holly would make a great couple. They arrange for the two of them to spend time with each other while Tabitha and her aunt travel to a nearby town.  

What will happen when Jeremiah and Holly find themselves alone with each other without the interference of others?

This is my first novel by Tyler and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I always love a good time travel and Tyler threw in a twist that made it even better!

It is always interesting to see how a modern woman will fit in to the dictates of a historical setting. They are so use to doing as they please and not having to please the general public with their behavior.  Holly is definitely a strong willed woman and often butted heads with Jeremiah because of this.  She is use to do what she wants and not having to fit her actions into what other deem as proper. Jeremiah on the other hand is about as straight laced as you can get. They always say that opposites attract!!

I can't wait to read the next book in the Devereaux series which stars Jeremiah's sister, Tabitha.

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Thanks go to the author for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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  1. So glad to "meet" you, Leanne! I love historical romances...and if there's a time travel twist to the story, so much the better! If only it were possible to time travel...I've dreamt about it even! Don't know if I'd like the hygiene and stuff like that in the olden days...but I'd sure like to visit the past. :-) Thanks so much for the post.