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Forever Mine by Monica Burns

Forever Mine by Monica Burns

One minute Victoria Ashton is in a art gallery and the next she is thrown back in time and being told that she is the Countess of Guildford. The people around her seem to think that she is losing her mind insisting that she is not the Countess. Knowing that she must have time to figure out how to get back home, she starts to play the role.

Nicholas Thornhill, Earl of Guildford, is happy to have his wife back after she had been missing for three weeks if only to verify that he didn't kill her. She keeps saying that she is not his wife, but even knowing that she has lied about everything in the past he starts to have his doubts when she doesn't act as he has come to expect his wife to. 

Even knowing that she must get back to her own time, Victoria finds herself falling for her Nicholas. Can their love survive the boundaries of time?

I always love a good time travel romance and Burns did not disappoint. This one was a little different in that the characters meet again in another life. They meet at the beginning of the novel in modern times but are separated by a bomb explosion. Victoria is in the hospital with injuries from the explosion and Nicholas keeps vigil by her bedside. Although having just met her, Nicholas feels so strong a connection that he can't leave her side. 

While this is occurring, Victoria is transported back in time to meet Nicholas as the Earl of Guildford. We see the majority of the story take place in 1897 where the characters fall in love. Tragedy strikes and we are brought back to present day where we see the continuation of their love story.

The reincarnated lovers was a nice twist on the time travel theme and I would love to see Burns do another time travel.

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Thanks go out to the author for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.
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  1. LOVE the sound of this! I <3 time travel romances! I haven't read one in a while though! This one sound very adventurous!

    1. It was a very emotional read for me, but I loved it!! Thanks for stopping by!