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Dare to Love by Alleigh Burrows

Dare to Love by Alleigh Burrows

Nivea Horsham has been in love with Dare Landis, the Marquis of Raynsforth, since she was introduced to him. When Nivea's step-mother arranges for Dare to share a ride with her, she hopes that this will be the time that he notices her.

Dare is not ready to settle down even when all of his friends are. He likes that he is a rake and beholden to no one. But will what happens at the wedding he is attending change all that?

I'm going to be honest. I thought I would really like this story based on the write-up I read.   Unfortunately it just fall flat for me.  The hero was a j@ck@$$ and the heroine didn't think enough about herself to stop chasing said j@ck@$$.

The first thing that irritated me was that Dare was with 2 other women in the story before getting together with Nivea.  The first one being at the very beginning, which I was ok with since the story had not really started yet. But I don't want to read about the hero in a story getting together with someone other than the heroine after their story starts...yuck!

Another thing that bothered me was that the weight of the heroine was brought up constantly.  Yes, I liked that the she wasn't a tiny little thing, but don't keep going on and on about it.  At one point in the story, after Nivea had ridden a horse all day for maybe 3 days straight, her maid says like ...I'll have to take in your dress as you've lost half a stone.  Seriously you would lose 7 pounds (equivalent to 1/2 a stone) in 3 days of riding a horse.  If that could actually happen, I'm going to start riding a horse every day!!

I just couldn't like either of the characters and couldn't get into the story, although I did finish it....

As this is the first book by the author I will probably give her another chance and see what she comes up with next...

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Thanks go to Kensington Books via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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