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The Runaway Highlander by R.L. Syme

The Runaway Highlander by R.L. Syme
This is book 2 in the Highland Renegades series.

Anne de Cheyne has no choice but to marry the English sheriff her mother has promised her to. After a horrible encounter with her betrothed, Anne is determine to leave and determine her own fate.

Aedan Donne, desperate for money to save his sister, jumps on the chance when Anne's mother offers him money to go after her and bring her back. He didn't count on being so attracted to the woman he had encountered but once before this.

What happens when Aedan decides he doesn't want to give Anne up?

I liked the premise of this book, but there was a rape scene that turned me off. The author didn't go into too many details, but it tainted my view of the rest of the story. I think she could have gotten away with some very aggressive unwanted attentions from 

Anne's betrothed and gotten the same reaction (loathing of the character) from the reader that the rape scene did.

I did thoroughly enjoy the rest of the story and if you can gloss over the rape scene, I definitely recommend the story to others.

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Thanks go out to R.L. Syme for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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