Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Traitorous Heart by Tammy Jo Burns + Giveaway

A Traitorous Heart by Tammy Jo Burns.

The is book 1 in the Reluctant Lords series.

One her way home, Tessa is grabbed by her friend Danny and told to run. She has no idea why they are running but knows it can't be anything good. Finding herself being chased by soldiers and on the run for her life, she is suddenly knocked unconscious.

Derek Simmons, the Earl of Blackburn, is called to interrogate a woman thought to be a spy. He is surprised to find that the prisoner is his wife, whom he had been mourning for the last six months. Having been told that she was one of the many killed in one of the first battle surges by Le Grande Armée, he never even told his family of his brief marriage.

Tessa wakes only to find she has no memory of who she is.  Derek knows in his heart that his wife is no traitor, but can he prove it to his superiors?  Not wanting his wife in prison, Derek insists that Tessa be allowed to be taken to his home.  

He is given two weeks to prove her innocence, but how can he do that when she can't remember if she is a spy or not? 

I really enjoyed this story. It was different from your traditional historical romances in that it involved a married couple (of course, Tessa didn't know they were married).  You still get to see the romance, as Tessa "re-lives" her getting to know her husband period of her life.

I always like when a mystery is added to my romance novels, it just adds that something extra to my enjoyment of the story.  In this particular instance, you have the mystery of Tessa and if or when she will gain her memory back as well as who the traitor really is.

I really liked the secondary characters in the story, particularly Mikala and Gabriel. I'm happy to see their story is the next in the series (yeah, it's already out!!), and I can't wait to read it.

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  1. My #1 is Rose in Winter by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss <3

  2. My favorite historical romance author is Loretta Chase.

  3. Wow, I loved this excerpt! I think this trope of lost wife found with no memory would be a fun romance to read, especially with the addition of mystery and danger. Yes, there would definitely be a little more "oomph" to the story! :-) Also, on the FB comment section I listed my fave historical romance author as Stephanie Laurens. Thanks for the post.