Monday, February 3, 2014

The Heart of a Duke (Anthology)

The Heart of a Duke by Samantha Grace, Christi Caldwell, Robin Delany, Olivia Kelly, and Aileen Fish.

This anthology is different from other anthologies I have read. The author's have worked together to tie the characters and storyline throughout each of the stories.

Nadya Pankova is resentful of the privileged girls that come to have their fortune told at the gypsy camp. She sells them a cheap necklace and tells them that if they wear it, they will win the heart of a duke.

Since Eleanore Barnaby is betrothed to a duke already, the friends decide that she should be the first to wear the necklace. Unfortunately, Eleanore is not happy about her betrothal. Her parents arranged the marriage when she was just a small child.  Her betrothed never spends any time with her and is always pawning her off on his cousin. 
Eleanore decides to run away to her grandfather in hopes of not having to go through with the wedding. Will love follow her on the adventure?

The necklace is soon passed to Valera Bell.  She has her sites on landing a Duke, but will someone she has known forever show her that having a duke is not everything?

Aldora Adamson is next in line and must marry to save her family from ruin. Aldora sets her eyes on the perfect man, the Marquess of St. James. He is wealthy, had a commitment for the less fortunate and he his family had its own skeletons in the closet.  Unfortunately, it's not the Marquess that makes her heart beat faster it is his notorious brother. Will Aldora continue to protect her family, or will she follow her heart?

Alison Griffith doesn't believe in the magic of the necklace, but is willing to do anything for the man she wants as her husband.  Can she convience scientist, Jonathan Foster, that she will make him a wonderful partner in all his scientific endeavors?

Charlotte Griffith has dreamed of her duke since the girls found the necklace. As each one of the girls found true love with someone other than a duke, Charlotte still had a picture of her husband in her mind. He looked just like the Duke of Langley. Unfortunately, Charlotte overhears a conversation that the duke has with a friend and decided that he is not he person for her.  She wants to marry for love and the duke will never love her.  So when Langley proposes marriage to her, Charlotte turns him down. She does, however, agree to help him find his future wife.  But is Langley falling for Charlotte as he spends more and more time with her?

I really enjoyed this anthology.  You could definitely see the different writing styles of the different authors, but they blended well with each other.  I loved that the stories had an introduction that started off with the gypsies and then followed them through each of the girls finding their true loves. All through the stories, I was hoping to re-visit the gypsy camp and I was not disappointed. I really hope that these authors choose to do another anthology because I enjoyed this one immensely.

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Thanks go out to NetGalley and Aspendawn Books for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.
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