Thursday, November 28, 2013

Twice the Temptation by Beverley Kendall

Twice the Temptation by Beverley Kendall.

This is book 1 in the Temptresses series (which branched off of the Elusive Lords series).

Catherine Rutherford has been attracted to Lucas Beaumont since they met. Just when she thinks things might be progressing, he goes back to his home in America.

After only hearing from him once in the year Lucas was gone, Catherine is surprised to learn that he has marriage on his mind upon his return to England.

Lucas couldn't get Catherine out of his mind while he was at home and returned as soon as he could to convince her to marry him. All was going well until Catherine learns that Lucas once proposed to her sister, her twin sister.

Catherine believes that Lucas only wants her because he couldn't have her sister. Can he convience her that it she that he wants?

We are introduced to Catherine and Lucas during the Elusive Lards series and I was eagerly awaiting their story. I was not disappointed.  I fell in love with Lucas in the earlier stories and grew to love him even more in this one. I love that Catherine and her friends were actively trying to help out other women to make sure that they would not be marrying a cheater. The banter between the girls was hysterical.  My hope is that the next book in the series is one of Catherine's friends so we can continue to enjoy their friendship.

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Thanks go to NetGalley and Season Publishing for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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