Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Secrets of a Lady by Jenna Petersen

The Secrets of a Lady by Jenna Petersen.

This is the first book of the Jordans series.

The story opens with Audrey Jordan getting drunk because the man she loves, Griffin Berenger, is getting married to someone else.  Shortly after the I dos, Audrey finds Griffin in his study and kisses him. Unfortunately, Griffin's new wife catches them and vows vengeance against Audrey.

Audrey tries to go on with her life, but Griffin's wife makes her life miserable during the season and Audrey decides to join her brother as a spy for the Crown.

Several years later, Audrey and her brother are on a case and ask Griffin if they can use his townhouse to get closer to a suspect that is plotting to kill the Prince Regent.

Unknown to Audrey, Griffin has been thinking about that kiss since the day that it happened and while they are living with him can think of nothing but doing it again!   Audrey has tried to get on with her life, but living with Griffin has brought back all her old feelings for him.

Unfortunately, Audrey's undercover work has her being courted by the creepy neighbor who is behind the plot to kill the Prince Regent. Griffin has a hard time keeping his jealously from showing and that might just blow the undercover work that Audrey is doing!

Fortunately, between being courted by another man and trying to find evidence to convict him Audrey and Griffin find a way to reconnect themselves.

I really liked this book because of the added element of the spying. I've read several books where the male lead is a spy, but very few where the heroine is the one doing the spying.  So along with the historical romance of the story you get an spy novel too.

You can get the novel at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

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